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  1. Week 9! Week 10 will be Webber's survivor skin, and after that uh. I don't know what to do. I might try creating one single topic called "Weekly Webber" and stick stuff in there, but as for actual inspiration, I have no idea. I had 10 skins I set out to draw every week and I've done them all after week 10. So..
  2. Here's Week 8! We're almost to week 10.. and after that uh.. I dunno what I'll do. I'll take recommendations I suppose. I plan on drawing Webber every week until either Klei makes a Webber rework or just an animation about (I say about because he was in Monster Marsh and Reap What You Sow) him.
  3. Here is week 7 of me drawing Webber! I intend on doing this every week until Klei makes an animated short for Webber. I mean who wouldn't want an animated short about someone they spent over 35$ on in cosmetics? Also.. What is Webber reading to his spiderfriends? The whole reason why the spiders look like different characters is based off of a discussion I had with a friend over what if spiders ate other characters and they turned into spiders?
  4. Week 6 of drawing Webber, this week is his Hallow Night Costume, his Batilisk skin! Hopefully this isn't annoying..
  5. So I think I just make a new topic each time I make art due to the upload limit slightly. Anyway, today is Magmatic Webber! Also since the upload size got weird, I will load up more pictures I made (previous weekly Webbers). I draw other things too, not just Webber, but I don't feel like posting them here. I've never done forums before, so this is all still new to me. Thank you guys!
  6. I have more art just 4.88 MB is the max and all my Webber pics are around 1-2 MB per aa I need to find a way to upload more images lol. I could try linking my twitter or maybe put discord attachment links
  7. Hi, my name is Keirsten, but I go by Little Miss Dipstick on wherever I can. I make art, digital and traditional. I guess I can post my art here? Forums have never been my thing..