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  1. This video should help if you want to use deerclops
  2. Wendy, great character personality and powerful perks, maybe a bit too powerful but eh, i like it.
  3. I think George Witherstone is a likely candidate as his w name is seen in the William Carter puzzles pretty early on, and Maxwell seems unlikely to give up. On the other hand, i don't see what powers he would have in the constant, we don't know much of his skills.
  4. The chess analogy for dont starve is interesting, with many parallels such as the fact that there are 8 pawns per side in chess, and 8 original survivors. The clockworks seem to have protected the ancients and still do, damaged by THEM and changed to the point where they drop nightmare fuel. The ancient guardian also seems to have been changed by the fuel, as said by Maxwell, but as we do not know its original apperance, we cannot tell how. The clockworks on the surface might be left over from when the ancients lived on the surface, and left there as they fled underground. (Long lore ramble lol)
  5. What about the characters that call the constant home? Wurt, wormwood and wortox. What are they there for? And the more innocent characters like walter, or warly?
  6. There are soo many of there types of skins, but most of them end up in klei rewards eventually
  7. I love how this rework is about wes helping others at his own expense
  8. Some things I have noted about what the survivors have in common are, some sort of mental issue as pointed out by freddo films in his walter review, the letter W, and some connection to music, either through a gramophone, or the voxola radio or, in wendy's case, dreams. We cant really tell how much of Maxwells actions on the throne was his or Theirs. But just some similarities between survivors i noted
  9. An alternate source of grass during summer is grass turfs in caves, as they do not wither.
  10. I am both suspicious and exited by the fact that this is on april 1st...
  11. I've found spring intresting, my tamed beefalo goes into heat but dosen't aggro onto anything unless provoked as normal. And the heat dosen't last the whole season, only a few days. Now with heat outside of spring, if bonded i find that they don't go into heat as intended. I have not had a partially tamed beefalo in spring though.
  12. Explore the world while taming beefalo, do BQ (Wendy main) kill mactusk, clops and so on