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  1. I'm sure this is a very common question. The game seems rather intriguing, and its made by Klei. Plus it's on sale right now for $12. But I would be coming over from Don't starve. I've done a bit of research online and read reviews, it seems challenging just like DS. I've read it can be a bit more complicated and understanding certain mechanics will somewhat necessary. Mostly I'm asking for input from people that have played those titles and this game. I love the challenge of Don't starve but the game tends to be a bit of a sandbox more then a survival the better you get. Which is fun, but I love being constantly challenged. One of the main reasons I enjoy the souls games and hardcore survivalists' games. So will this provide long term challenge or is it sort of like DS in that regard, when over time it becomes a bit more like a sandbox?
  2. What a bummer. Never knew it was because of caves. Ah well, guess I either have caves with all the content or I get the screen. I suppose I can just off myself day one every new map. Haha. Likely not though.
  3. I know this might seem rather ridiculous to ask. I enjoy the world gen loading screen but it never pops up upon making a new world. Only when I die and the world resets. It is not exactly important, it is just a ritual I enjoy. Mostly deriving from Don't Starve, anyway to have it pop up on creating a new world?
  4. I was thinking the same thing. Seemed weird to me that both of them suffered from this? One is a plant(sort of) and the other is a damn amphibian(again sort of). Never made sense, but good to see they fixed it.
  5. I'm half blind but the effort it took to read that made it that much funnier
  6. Solid work. Crazy how MC has evolved. I haven't played it in many years. Looks so different.
  7. At the same time I agree with the organization of a forum. Really, no one should be offended or hurt by things said online. So he wasn't harsh imo, it could just be thoughts are conveyed. Sometimes I get annoyed when I see a certain person posting on every single post I look at, even when I used to ghost on an older account. Edit: Not that what they say is annoying but my point being it is the internet. We all get annoyed by trivial things at times, even if they don't make much sense to anyone but ourselves. So I'm not derailing this topic either, on a flip side one of the characters I enjoy/main the most is Willow. I think the references towards her and the implications of who or what she is are rather interesting.(I only wear my tin-foil hat every now and then). While characters like Wendy, as a certain Mime has said, is just too generic. She in my humble opinion could have been more fleshed out to have more...I'm not exactly sure. Sympathy? Pity? Quite hard to pin point what I intend to mean. But overall it could have been better then just "Edgy emo teen".
  8. Hey whoa man. Nah I'm just playing, but at least Warly always makes me feel as though I'm on vacation in the Caribbean. Wes can be a drain on resources on multiplayer but seems more so the trolls pick him to do that. It is funny to watch a true and tried Wes main join, not see him once then he emerges from where ever in winter time carrying FW's skull as a chalice.
  9. I think it would be rather hilarious. People would be so upset, yet i'd probably still use him.
  10. It was more of a friendly jest as I figured a few Wes mains might see this, in reality I don't mind him that much. Aside from the pub trolls that pick Wes to eat all the food.
  11. I find that Wes is a rather ironic character. He is a terrible character meant as a joke or 'challenge'. He hits at 0.75% of a normal attack and his his hunger drains 1.25%. Clearly he is rubbish. Yet, when learning the game I found him one of the most valuable characters to learn the game with. Really while I was learning the game, it took more effort, more rage, yet also getting to take no responsibility for dying and just blaming it on the fact he has terrible character design. Lol. Playing the game with any one else now make it seem...rather easy at times. Each character does have their own quirks about them but all in all they seem rather negligible after playing Wes. As much as I absolutely loathe his existence, he does do rather well with teaching new people if they appreciate a more difficult experience.
  12. I was gonna mention to drink a bit less, but seems you weren't kidding.