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  1. I melted cobalt and was going to run it through a metal refinery to heat it up for other projects, but as soon as the pump started the game crash and gave an error about the animation for cobalt liquid tank something or another.
  2. I wish I had taken a screenshot, but I've had multiple times where they have a huge increase to a stat and they will have the negative making impossible for them to do that task. If I have it pop up again I'll post a screenshot.
  3. Are atmo suits in a dock supposed to be considered as just in supply, because it's super annoying telling them to add atmo suits to a dock only to have them grab suits already on other docks and just move them -.-
  4. I've ran into multiple traits that clash, especially building. Had a couple of dupes that had +18 construction and with the inability to construct -.-
  5. Game crashes on deconstructing and the error screen specifically has an error from removing interior world of the nosecone. I guess it doesn't like you deleting a world instance?