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  1. clockworks has not a specific biome, like tumbleweeds (dragonfly's desert), reeds(marsh biome) or beefalos on savanna.. ;-;
  2. me too.. and i already have see this happen with Mactusks
  3. When i kill a tallbird, she respawns after some seconds (only once). It happens too with mactusks.
  4. i've put all seasons time for "very short" option, and the first autumn lasts 20 days, after this, all seasons (includin autumn) lasts the correct 5 days,nd it happens for all seasons configs, first autumn ever lasts 20 days, only the first. *translated by google <3
  5. If you spawn tentacles(wickerbottom's book) near a wormhole, they will disappear after you jump in. a gif demostrating: edit: I recorded this gif on BETA Version, but it also happens outside of it