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  1. When picking up a gold nugget on the ground while mounted on a beefalo, the character does not go through the regular picking animation that it does when picking up other items off the ground when mounted, but instead picks up the gold nugget immediately.
  2. Hi, I was trying to load into my solo world save when I ran out of storage space on my computer. I exited the game, cleared out some storage, and then tried to load into it again. This time it showed me the message "Dedicated server failed to start". I tried to disable mods, reinstall the game, verify integrity of game files, etc and it still shows me the error message. I can still load into other games I've started recently that have the same mods disabled. I checked the server logs and it seems like the save is corrupted? If there is any way to please get it back I would be very grateful since I feel pretty attached to the world. I've attached the server log files; any insight is appreciated.