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  1. A little bit more randomness could shake world generation up a lot I agree.
  2. Well...this post is like fart. Everyone would have benefitted from you keeping it in. It took 5 minutes of my life that I will never get back. Saying that Warly is not a unique character is like saying that Wolfgang is bad at fighting. If you don't know how to play with him than yes he is worse than Wes....
  3. Hi guys! I'm wondering what are the written-non-written rules about reuploading a mod to the workshop with a few modifications. Like for example let's say I make a few changes to the Combined Status mod, am I allowed to upload that to the workshop or should I contact the creator of the original mod and ask him for permission? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is it only me who had no Loot Stash spawning in winter after the Year of the Beefalo update? Also all my Klaus figure sketches lying around in the decidious turned into Ancient Fuelweaver sketches. (I have not even attempted to kill FW on this world (or ever for that matter)).