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  1. Critter Feeder foods not selectable for some critters. At Cycle 11. Setting up a ranch for sweeties, the critter feeder sends the 'option not available' sound. The feeder cannot be configured for Shine Bug, Shine Nymph, Sweetie and Sweetie Lava (at this point in my game)
  2. This is in vanilla as well. The bioscan needs to be submitted from the bioscanner side of the door. Note the door image to see which side the scanner is on, and if it is accessible
  3. Same issue. In particular when clicking on the alert message (activating camera movement, then choosing blueprint) It could be a race condition between ending the camera movement & clicking the blueprint button.
  4. Expansion FIXME - coders note left in display
  5. DLC has entered Early access, however it's still states the developmental branch.
  6. and this might be lost in translation, on a QWERTY keyboard, which is the Backtick button? Google has it as ~ , however the behavior requirements are specific to Keyboard: United States-International. This is not a standard 'combining' key combination.
  7. I got the duplicate "Tidier" on the skills selection, then nothing worked after that. the startup sequence worked, but would black-hole at random times returning to the skills selection screen
  8. See image. I'm guessing this is a duplication, as there is also a Tidy selection that has the correct title.
  9. Tech Tree missing items/icons. Sublimation Station is gained on achieving Basic farming, the sublimation station is missing from the tech tree.
  10. Dupes not using toilets on 2nd base when toilets assigned to public. DLC Alpha III.sav
  11. Can confirm...iirc it's from before the first save (end of cycle 1) after that the counts are INT values.
  12. With the introduction of Cloud Save I am suffering 3-4 second pauses to game play every cycle, this does no occur with local saves. I'm assuming in has to do with proximity - I'm in Australia and the cloud is hosted elsewhere.
  13. When activating a priority [!!] on a tile with multiple build layers (errands) no dupes are assigned the work. This is mostly in the early game where dupes don't have skills. It seems that dupes need all the skills required to to do each layered errand before they respond. This despite having dupes individually skilled in the various requirements. In particular when the errands are stacked on an 'auto' dig command.