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  1. I agree with you about the lack of energy sources on the starting asteroid. But, I think this is intended to be a new challege, now they divided all the resources we once found in the asteroid between a half dozen of smaller asteroids that we need to explore and create "colonies" to bring those resources to the main base or even create various bases. Now if you want to build large bases as we used to do, we will need to deal with some logistical problems to bring resources from other asteroids. As for example, there is a small asteroid full of crude oil that could feed a lot of petroleum or gas generator, but you would need to bring the petroleum. The way the solar pannels are working now, you just don't need to care about searching for energy resources anymore. No more fun building crude oil boilers and condensers to get natrual gas hehehe.
  2. With the removal of meteor from the asteroid surface, the solar panels become a way to trivialize the power management problem (wich I consider one of the most challenging). With no meteors the solar panels can generate a huge amount of energy and in a "safe" way, without imprevisibility or all the anciliary systems once needed to protect the pannels (bunker doors, space scanners), also, it reduces the amount of batteries needed to store energy as there is no more "worst case scenario" This become even "worse" considering the new areas with the teleport and warp chambers where you can deconstruct the windows and window tiles to get glass, than you just need to rush to the surface and build a solar array to get free and inifite energy before the cycle 75. I got from 2 manual generators to an array of panels, making all other forms of power generation useless.
  3. I don't know if this is the intended behaviour but power generation units are not counting to maximum wattage in wires, so, at the moment I'm connecting my entire solar array, with more than 1.5 kW of power to my battery bank using just commom wires. It also happens when using a domesticated "plug slug" harvesting it's energy with a commom wire.