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  1. 1 minute ago, Pikapikap said:



    WHO R U buddy

    8 minutes ago, zarklord_klei said:


    OK I got it thank you very much, thanks for your hard working. Have a nice day sir!

  2. 6 minutes ago, lakhnish said:

    @NOOOBU Sometimes things just aren't listed in the patches note, intended or not.

    You gotta use a program like WinMerge and compare files every update for every single nitty gritty detail.

    OK thank you, got it.

    14 minutes ago, Tranoze said:

    I dont even know how klei update work right now, like half of the update not even included in the log.
    Which is why each new update come up with 4~5 bug fix right next to it, even klei dont know what they updated.

    In my theory, klaus sack changed in world gen change, basically when they update the new world gen, klaus sack loots was included in that.
    but that just theory.

    Well that makes sense,thank you.

  3. 31 minutes ago, zarklord_klei said:

    Working as intended.

    Changed Status to Closed

    Sorry to bother you sir, I woner which update concluded this one? I can not find any log mentioned about sack's rollback. Thank you.

    52 minutes ago, Tranoze said:

    If they really do this, i think intended to do this, not a bug.

    But I see nothing mentioned it in the update log.

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