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  1. @JoeW sorry to bother you again, well I think there are some good feedbacks could help you in this thread2022 roadmap is a good time to say something about mod in-gamepurchase, CN players are eagling to know the result. Whatever, thank you for your hard works.
  2. that is just more like a perfunctory. actually there are so many players in CN are concerned with it. due to language they can't share their ideas in real time here. so that is why i wrote a thread again. we just do not want to see any QR code for receiving money in SHOW ME or any popular mods in future. in-game purchase mode is NOT donation, that is so ridiculous and offensive.
  3. Even worse, it's in-game purchase. You can review it on my last thread
  4. you can check my last thread, about profit-making. Whatever you think, the final situation is just yes or no. You can only just pay or not. Just like "Do you recommend this game? yes or not" on steam. Whatever you think,no matter how netural you are, the answer is just "yes or no". Your specific comments should be shared in the comments section.
  5. As the title says, I don't mean to name names, but I think you all know what I'm referring to. Klei said they will focus on and fix this problem as soon as possible, so we can have a simple vote to showing our attitudes to help them to make better solution.
  6. When i was a noob player……i think meatballs is still meaingful for most of noobs, maybe not the best, but kindly enough, just like my cook tutor Meatball is still good for those who can not gather food efficienctly
  7. But, the image shows the stew has a bunny horns and ears if there is no feature of bunny I would like to believe the BUNNY is just a stem.
  8. But noob players have more choices in winter without various food ingredients. If you just have meat and ice, you can not recover your HP efficiently in former version.
  9. You can put everything into the pot to make a bunny soup, frog, fish, drumstick, bat, even living moleworm. But you can not even put a real bunny.
  10. Here is a rough but useful simple spawn rule: When you kill the deerclops someday in winter, it will spawns in 1.5 day later of this day next winter. e.g. If there are 5 days left in winter when you kill deerclops, the next deerclops will spawn on the penultimate 3.5 days of winter. I don' t know what will happend if you keep deerclops until spring and kill it, but, most of people will kill it when it appears as soon as possible, right? None of each Deerclops can see the sun of spring
  11. Eh actually myth team is having long allowed their fans to vilify Klei, they made some rumor which is bad for Klei. And more and more CN DST rookies are believing Klei is not good as them. I'm ashamed of them I know it's hard to believe, but it's the truth. You can see some bad speech screenshots from myth's fans on 1st Page. So that is why more and more quarrels and arguments are taking place in CN DST forums, myth fans crazy about it, and regular players hate it.
  12. Oops sorry to make you confused, I fully agree and understand what you mean. You are trying to strike a balance between considering the feelings of these subscribers and being right in reason, it is a hard work. I also agree with the idea of not taking the mod down entirely, but it's still hard to make progress. I posted this message to tell them Klei's attitude because there were big differences on this matter in the Chinese community before. Such endless quarrels are not good, so I think it is necessary to let them know your attitude. I hope you will make good progress in this matter and thank for your all jobs.
  13. Thank for your reply Mr. JoeW. So how about Reward Function? Is it also not permitted in Klei' s games now?
  14. Be positive dude, Klei still has lots things to do, but maybe one day it will be greater and bigger than nowdays
  15. Yeah donation system is more acceptable but as you see Myth SALE their "SKINS", I is hard for myth team to change the sale to donation, because their "SKIN" is with a clearly marked price lol
  16. Forget it, I still can not agree with this roughly creation profit making, Minecrafts' Mod market is mature and rich experience, Klei would not reach the same lever like them in these years, and also could lead many problems. Make the workshop be pure, indeed.
  17. yep, so making Klei give a clear attidude about it is important, whatever it is legal or not at last, we still need a answer, not mute and silence. If myth profit making can be lisenced, it will be good for every one, sitimulaing more great DST works.