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  1. Is it known what types of trees can transform? or biomes?
  2. "The first event takes twice more time in all cases." 1. for example, if I set "fast" in the options, then the first event will occur in [14..21] * 2 = 28..42 days. Correctly ? --- 2. Does petrification always occur next to the character or is it triggered anywhere on the map without the participation of the character? thx.
  3. HI, please tell me the mechanics of petrified trees at the beginning of the game, generating a new world, in numbers. There are available options are none, slow, default, fast and very fast. what do they mean -> minutes / hours / days / seasons, or what? THX @google translate
  4. posted this message in the wrong place, sorry. How do I remove it? Thanks.