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  1. had multiple dupe options, but the 'agriculture: +x' always showed +7 , other stats below it changed tho notice how first one is +7 while last one is +12 at first i assumed this was some stat cap but then the stats below it shouldnt be near doubling between the 2 dupes
  2. happend a few times to me aswell, last time i noticed this, i was trying to take a screenshot to report this other bug: the dupe decided to deconstruct through the wall (recently build wall, but deconstruction started after wall was already finished) thing is this was also right before his end of shift so cant really tell if: - it was the game deciding you shouldnt be able to deconstruct through walls - the deconstructing didnt finish all the way because the dupe had to take a break and abandoned the job halfway through hope it helps anyway