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  1. Yea lol, I need to start doing that… Unfortunately doesn’t help me in my current situation. Now to try and find a new one I like.
  2. I don’t use mods but I just wish the world gen didn’t change the seed I was using prior to the update. I wanted to restart it and was sad to find out it was changed and I didn’t save a copy of the initial world to my computer. Really wish we could have an option to keep the first save so it wouldn’t get over written manually.
  3. anyone noticed that the rancher won't pick up some hatches after wrangling? like they are trusted but then the rancher doesn't have the task to go back and bring them to the stable? that is what I am currently experiencing now when I use the temp fix. my stables are not full either. Seems like its only with "wild hatches"
  4. Yea I had a ticket about this too. I had to stop playing because it was just getting frustrating and I'm trying to do a playthrough to get every achievement. I hope they fix this soon so I can continue it since hatches are essential to it.
  5. Hatches keep burrowing and un-burrowing at night and then floating in space or burrow in solid tiles. there is no way to wrangle them only attack.