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  1. would it not be interesting if at the full update of this new water update biom place is the new character whit in it? so like you know it perhaps fit to that i think
  2. man thats a bit much of sayin "everyone" since when im part of "everyone"? what i want is a lizard of course as i have shown before how would a gestalt character even work? i mean they are pretty much just some sort of energy so it seems that cant be outside of areas whitout moon energy around gestalts are pretty much too much energy commin to "life" and that energy is too much for someone to handly so a character just gets knocked out
  3. looks like im about to eat a durain sould realy try one some day
  4. but can we talk about how for some reasons thulecite club has less damage then dark sword? i mean sure the club gives small speed boost and dont breaks your sanity but still and those shadowtacles are just too inconsisdent to be usefull but yes crown seems to be the better option like most of times
  5. this and the fact that she just for some reasons just runs away from you if you put something in her
  6. can you oh please if you would be so nice please explain it to me? that would be so nice of you if you could thanks
  7. 1 thing that many dont seem to know is that wood armor as literaly the exact same stats as the footballhelm its just body slot wich you can just drop your pack on the ground if needed if you get into combat alsol something seems unknown is that durabilty of armor actualy stacks whit helm and body sure its not like single player how alsol defense gets stacked but durabilty still stacks makin armor last longer in a way but well yes i guess your askin for more helmet this is what i realy get from like something like an easy none character helm to make easy like grass armor but for the head
  8. i kinda wish it dont even happen at all if you just talk or you know just instand remove any musik that was tehere before just to have instand farm musik
  9. another one of those? and another one of the answeres i play 9 differend characters maybe 10 depending what the new one will be so it is wilson wolfgang wicker wigfried webber warly wortox wurt walter maybe the new one who knows for now so yes i can be manythings
  10. its called BONESOUP it needs an onion after all
  11. yes we sould douple the achivements that are alredy in game no triple them that will make it fun