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  1. Have a look at the DLC forum, the patch notes are there
  2. Yeah but it just seems a bit more tedious than trying to do a base in one big map. e.g in a recent game in Verdante I had to try to balance food and oxygen production, find geysers, find oil, get an arbor farm going to produce ethanol for my primary power supply, then deal with the co2 from said power supply, all at the same time trying to switch my electrolysers from PWater to SaltWater because I needed the PWater for the trees, and trying to reach space all at the same time. With smaller bases it is much more simple, and linear in progression as well.
  3. First, I know it's alpha and early game only, but it's still good to get feedback on where the mid-end game goes. Is this how you are meant to approach this DLC? 1) Start base as you would do normally 2) Let's say I want to get some reed fiber / thimble reed but I don't see it in my world. 3) I use a dupe in a telescope to find a planet 2 tiles away 4) I build a rocket with a rover and land there 5) I send another rocket (2) to drop 800kg of refined metal 6) The rover unpacks the metal, the rover digs out a spot for the launchpad, the rover digs up a rudimentary base 7) I send a single dupe in a spacefarer module. Note, this dupe gets dropped and can't return. 8) This dupe lands, finishes off the base by digging up some food, planting 5-6 mealwoods, build a cot, an outhouse, a hamster wheel to get oxygen from slime. 9) Then this dupe constructs the launchpad 10) I launch another rocket here with a cargo bay (600kg) 11) Once landed, I load the bay with the reeds, plus anything else I want up to 600kg 12) This rocket brings the reeds back home, but the original dupe is still stuck on the new planet, but is pretty much self-sufficient by himself. Now where to from here, for the mid-end game? Stay on the starting world and upgrade it piecemeal like above? Or move everyone off the starting world? What do people want to see for the end game?
  4. I cannot get my sugar engine refuelled. Dupes are all idle. Doors are all open. Sucrose is sitting on the ground. Rebuilding the whole engine did not work. Rocket took off first time OK, landed. I sealed off the doors because it was too hot to go in straight away. Once cooled down I opened the doors. Oxidiser get refuelled.
  5. The DLC encourages early game rockets, and because early game rockets can only hold 4 modules, you are limited in cargo. Since 3 out of the 4 modules are engine, oxidiser, and nosecone, you have to launch 2 or 3 rockets in fairly quick succession (cargo drop, rover drop, dupe drop) Because of early game, no suits, and crappy oxygen masks, my silos are built fairly close to base, dug out with a clear path to space. After the 1st launch and landing, the silo is really hot, and attempts to reload the rocket with fuel, oxidiser, oxygen, food, cargo is dangerous. How do you cool the silo for quick rocket turnarounds? Radiant pipes?
  6. In the game with the DLC, there are now more defuffs than ever. Minor/Major skin irritation, Yucky lungs, Hypothermia, Sopping Wet, Sunburn, Food poisioning. Most of the time, I just press fast forward and ignore them all, which is kind of pointless. My researcher can sit at a telescope, holding breath, in -50 degrees C, and he hasn't had a stress reaction yet. Sure it takes a bit longer, but fast forward negates it. Then there are minor things like Wet Feet which I attend to straight away because the pause everytime they step in/out is so much more annoying. What do people do? Do they just ignore them, or do they set up things like piping heated oxygen and setting up heaters if dupes are working in a cold, hostile environment? Should the game force it? Maybe say a dupe won't go further than 10 tiles into an area that's below freezing, for example? Or instead of just a small penalty to construction, give them Frozen Fingers so that they can't dig/construct?
  7. First, thanks to Klei for letting us play the alpha DLC for free, there's a lot of hard work there. As expected for alphas, there have been a few crashes, usually something like: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object Prioritizable.OnCleanUp () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/scripts/components/Prioritizable.cs:174) KMonoBehaviour.OnDestroy () (at C:/jenkins_workspace/workspace/SimGame_Windows/game/Assets/Plugins/Klei/util/KMonoBehaviour.cs:230) Not sure what the cause was, I think it had to do with a returning rocket, I've submitted the crash report. So, this DLC.... It seems to mainly revolve around multi-colony play. And rockets delivering people / stuff between colonies. For those who played Rimworld, it is similar to multi-colony in Rimworld, and caravans in Rimworld. At the moment, the main changes are: A new biome. It's different, but should pose no problems to people who are used to setting up colonies in Forest or Temperate worlds. Once you have set up initial food (using a variant of Bristle Blossom that uses P-water), and oxygen (using sublimnators and deodorisers), you have to build a telescope in space. A dupe has to operate the telescope so a oxygen mask station with oxygen piped near it is necessary. You will find an asteroid 2 tiles away. To get to it you need to ranch sweetle to get sucrose. Build a sucrose rocket with fertiliser oxidiser, a cargo module filled with metal and a command module. Drop the metal on the new planet, return the rocket, and send it again with a trailblazer module to land a person there to build the landing pad. Then you can start setting up your second colony. It can be a bit tedious, just like running two colonies in Rimworld is. So, in summary, this is the early game of the DLC. I think the mid game will be juggling the colonies, trying to decide which one to abandon, and what to send to which colony. I can't imagine it will be much fun managing more than 1 big colony - the others would be just a two dupe colony farming for a specific resource. It all depends what the end game is.
  8. Maybe there should be NO reason to stay on the starter world. Maybe there should be a FINAL planet called Earth, and the whole point of the game is to get all your dupes from the starting world to the final world, via rockets and intermediate bases. So, replace "temporal tear" with "Earth", but you can't reach Earth from the starter world.
  9. I think sweedle is a critter that gives you sucrose Grubgrub is a critter that "enhances" a growing plant. Once the plant is "enhanced" then you can combine the fruit with sucrose to make a better recipe (food)
  10. What about a "Factorio" style research system, where advanced researching requires more and more advanced production chains? IT's just far too easy (even in base game) to just get 100% research from a small starting base with a bit of food, water, and basic oxygen systems up. Basic research = basic resources Intermediate research = more hard to get resources, either from production or from more hostile biomes Advanced research = off planet resources, or advanced production like melting something to 1000C to produce
  11. Does anyone think research needs to be made more difficult? At the moment you only need dirt and water to get to max tier. I think research needs to be divided into more tiers. Basic research (left most column) needs dirt, second column needs water, after that you need more rare resources (that aren't found in your starting asteroid). It's a bit silly you start on your starter asteroid and before cycle 50 you've research solar panels (most advanced research) and getting free power - Surely to unlock the top tier stuff you should have to get stuff from another asteroid.
  12. There needs to be a good reason for rockets. You can easily do hundreds of cycles with a good number of dupes on the starting map. Let's look at the components you have to "manage": 1) Oxygen - is so plentiful, it is trivial. I doubt anyone has ran out of oxygen in the new DLC 2) Water - it's everywhere. Plenty of PWater, and lots of sand to make water. 3) Food - with lots of PWater, just 3-4 hydroponic farms for each dupe. Seeds are plentiful 4) Power - also unlimited, just use solar. Back step backwards because no need to setup any turbines or generators. 5) Gas management is also trivial - easy access to space. 6) There is a general abundance of metals - copper and cobalt - each mined tile should contain much less resource in the starting asteroid to create a sense of urgency / survival 7) The Printing Pod is also OP Force people to use the rockets to survive - whether to get oxygen, water, food, power, dupes or to access the printing pod.