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  1. I got a similar spawn. No screenshot, sorry. But I have another one for you:
  2. the launcher needs radbolt. 250 per launch for 250kg payload.
  3. Totally agree. Solid transport is something I usually rush and before the limited factor was waiting for a dup to have the skills. Now you need a rocket, plastics, go a to different asteroid, etc.. Not complaining, I actually like the challenge
  4. So far I’ve been doing this, for food, by adding a counter linked to a element sensor on the conveyor belt. It works for ongoing production and could be adapted to materials by reloading them onto the belt. It is a ratio kind of system, 20% here, 80% there.
  5. Solid transport requires interstellar research, that changes a lot of things... I guess can’t ignore rockets now
  6. My understanding is they want to make rad sickness a permanent thing. Maybe rad pills are meant to be used before going to a rad place, like space. Dunno.
  7. Now that the space stuff in out, I’m hoping the hatch bug will be fixed soon. This one is really annoying
  8. I just started a new game, same problem. Wrangling a burrowed hatch is just not possible anymore: floating mid-air, keep burrowing in tile, all sort of strange things.