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  1. I'm testing on a Mac mini M1. I never had the issues you described BUT I experienced the world being completely revealed after the first save. There is an easy workaround, which is to again save the game and this bug disappears for the rest of the session. It seems this bug is now FIXED (thanks!!) in this branch. I also noticed a big FPS improvement. Before I was getting around 40 FPS (without the -force-glcore launch option, 20 FPS with) and now I'm getting 50+ FPS. It's so fast! Amazing!
  2. I'm also running into this issue (world is being revealed and overlays visual glitches). -force-glcore fixes it but then the game is much slower, getting 20FPS instead of 40FPS I can easily reproduce now: each time the game is saved, the world is revealed. Then immediately resaving the game fixes it. So close to be perfect. 40FPS is so much faster than 20FPS. I hope you'll find the time to fix this. I'm using a Mac mini M1.
  3. Thanks @EricKlei, so far so good! It was not too bad before and saving the game (without reload) is enough to fix the visual glitch.
  4. Time to play ONI again .... except that for me shortly after starting a new game the entire world is revealed and the overlays don't work anymore. I might be pressing the wrong key (too much factorio lately, I keep pressing Q)? Maybe it's a Mac M1 only issue?
  5. my world has been completely revealed after applying this update. Bug?
  6. I got a similar spawn. No screenshot, sorry. But I have another one for you:
  7. the launcher needs radbolt. 250 per launch for 250kg payload.
  8. Solid transport requires interstellar research, that changes a lot of things... I guess can’t ignore rockets now
  9. Now that the space stuff in out, I’m hoping the hatch bug will be fixed soon. This one is really annoying