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  1. The fast workers mode (enabled in the world creation screen) breaks the pitcher pump. the animation is shortened, so duplicants are only able to grab a maximum of 40 kg of a given liquid at a time, slowing down progress
  2. Not entirely sure how it happened, but my rocket won't land on a rocket platform. I sent it out to orbit to try to land it again, or abandon ship, but it would not travel away from the planet and would just keep counting up in the negitaves.
  3. Using a toilet water recycler and the last reservoir (feeding up to the toilet/sink/shower) and seeing a MISSING.STRINGS.BUILDING.STATUSITEMS.CONDUITBLOCKEDMULTIPLES.NAME... I believe this is the reservoir trying to say "output pipe full"
  4. I was playing the testing branch of the Spaced Out! DLC, and messing around in sandbox and debug mode. (I also had Insta-build on) I was testing the new radbolt rocket engine, and everything seemed to be going well. I filled up the rocket, put on a cartography module as well as a battery. I put on a spacefarer module but couldn't fit the nosecone. so I chose the option to replace it with a solo spacefarer nosecone, but the game crashed as soon as I did it. Still not sure what's up. No mods were in use at the time of the crash EDIT: I did the same thing on a brand new save and the same thing happened. The 4th Dimension.sav