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  1. I had the same problem (AP-420700-D). I think I found a solution. Woo For the Players: I made a small mod to fix the bug until the devs fix it. For the Devs: I think the end of line 57 in BeanPlantConfig.cs (extracted with dotPeak): GameObject registerSeedForPlant = EntityTemplates.CreateAndRegisterSeedForPlant(plant, SeedProducer.ProductionType.Harvest, "BeanPlantSeed", name2, desc2, anim2, additionalTags: additionalTags, replantGroundTag: replantGroundTag, sortOrder: 4, domesticatedDescription: domesticateddesc, collisionShape: EntityTemplates.CollisionShape.RECTANGLE, width: 0.6f, height: 0.3f); Should be "height: 0.3f, ignoreDefaultSeedTag: true);".