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  1. fair point... if it wasn't for the fact that both rust and mafic rock have a high consertration of iron so i guess that the idea of a pacu doing that is too random but not of a machine
  2. didn't know that it was a collab. and i have a pacu idea so i will put it out while it's still relavent drunk pacu: recipe at the molecular forge: 10 kg of ethanol, 20kg of rust and 2 pacu eggs. it can live in ethanol or water (however they must be cold that can least water to freeze) what it eat: rust and mafic rock, what it produe: iron. kind of strange that 2 pacus can make iron but ok, and my insparation for this mainly come from organisms that clean stuff (like how there are some types of birds that eatbugs out of the back of some mammles as a symbiotic relationship)
  3. not talking about new morphs but also changing existing morphs like how i suggested to make pacu eggs obtained in the molecular forge once as the conditions for the pacues get conflicted
  4. ya it maybe was a pacu but if someone is gonna download one mod he will probably download more so i don't think think it's should be such a problem (especially if the mod is based by the same creator). yes diamond hatches can turn more suff into diamonds then just abyssalite but it's the best thing to turn into diamonds: coal is important, refine carbor needs coal to be made and glass is not just somewhat useful but also a small pain to get as for criticism for the puft those red spike like object and the black dots don't look so good on the puft itself (in other words the puft looks cursed not demonic) try darkening these red spots and placing them slightly above the black spots oh and i got another question: you are currently adding more to your previos mods rather then making new mods so do you intend to update the hatch and pacu morphs mods later on?
  5. didn't see this before so now i am typing it Erny what is the use of abyssalite? oh idk tungstun (in vanilla) and diamons when using your mod (prouf of tungtus production: and let's be honest you already made an algea pet kinda stange your forgot you made a mod where a hatch can turn abyssalite to diamonds also love the job on the snow drekko looks like fluffy bubbles and i love it
  6. i do have ONE idea but this is more to go with your hatch morph a drekko that can be sheered for abyssalite poop out obsidian, granite, sandstone or mafic rock it will probably eat a ton of plants (and probably poop based in the plant eaten kind of like the lumber hatch you made) and if i had to make an air for it to regrow scales i would actually go with a vacuum (edit) i now i have a name for it rocky drekko
  7. agreed but if you won't make a ceramic drekko what will be the 2nd drekko? (if there will be one)
  8. yaaaaa i guess so :/ anyway will you also think of a ceramic/terracota drekko currently? (as you said you were gonna make it along side the snow drekko) do you have any ideas on diet tempeture range and poop?
  9. i can see wulfermite but i don't think it's suppose to actualy **** metal (that's a hatch thing) honestly i have this small problem with the opllume drekko as well
  10. oh on the snow dreko my idea is that it will eat both sleet wheet and nosh beans (i mean they are the 2 below 0C plants) -as you said correctly it should have a higher decor and i think it should live and grow scales in oxygen -it should have a low temperature range (not in size but in degrees) this might look OP but remember that this is snow we are talking about. i do not know what they should poop but i think phosphorite (vanilla drekkos already poop it and it does make sense) if you don't like the idea of them dropping phosphorite they can also drop dirt
  11. so Naphtha when vaiporized produce sour gas we know that right? you get naphtha by melting plastic isoresin or visco gel (because these are pufts we are talking about we will ignore visco gel) so out of our options there is one that's pretty mid game (plastic) and one that's pretty late game (isoresin) and there are already 2 ways to make plastic one of them is a critter so what if demonic pufts will make small amount of isoresin?