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  1. Sometimes at high presure it says 5.10 instead of 6.0. Just see the screenshot. Just a small visual bug.
  2. To load onload of the rocket is a new station (dont know the name no game on). you have to build this near your rocket and there you in/outputs for the rocket. You can still onload by click on unload.
  3. In my case i turned a pump off and turn the priority to alarm. A dupe hurried to my pump turned them off but the alarm didnt go off. And it is not possible to turn the priority to a low level because of no job is pending on the building. I had to click on destruct to get the button for priority back. offbugic: I know a Bugreport on mimimi level And why is a log required. i dont have a log file on gameplay error
  4. The Tooltip of the Anti-Thermo Building appears also it is still undercoverd. I mean in none DLC game it only appears after you dig it like gysiere.