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  1. When a rocket starts, it can fly 18 cells. But when landing on the same planetoid or on another, all the fuel disappears.
  2. Дубликанты не хотят заходить в ракету. Такая ситуация решается назначением Дублям идти в любую позицию на карте, сохранением в этот момент и загрузкой, но практически сразу повторяется вновь.
  3. Of course. Since this is happening, or not happening, I set the alarm to start the reactor. Then I save closer to the end of the fuel. And I hope for luck) But this lottery is already a little annoying. And at the first speed, an explosion is also possible
  4. have the same problem if you press the destroy button during the operation of the reactor, then it does not explode. Upd: the destruction button also does not help a second before the explosion
  5. Sweeper does not see the Ore and D-Uranium The Ore and D_uranium cannot be picked in the Storage
  6. It is after 450996 Puffs stopped drowning in 1000 kg water. if i want to attack them i have to do it on the square below
  7. Thanks. Indeed, it is because of Rest for the Weary Mod
  8. I can`t load my game after 450996 update. loaded with mods and without mods, nothing helped. link to save file: Player.log other colonies are loaded, the new game starts normally. The only problem with this colony
  9. The duplicates stopped falling when the support under them disappeared. Ladder or block. It is repaired after loading