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  1. Hello, I still encounter the "dark background" bug i previously reported on the wrong bug tracker. After the switch from alpha to early access, i had the "full black game" bug described here, so i added the "-force-glcore" option, which fixed the bug for some game sessions. Now i'm back to gas tiles being unusually dark, and also the duplicants are invisible either in the colony or on skills screen. Here we should see Ada, Hassan and Leira but we don't : weird space transition and dark gas tiles : And now when trying to take a capture of the "skills screen" for which there was no duplicant in the portrait section, they're back and... it fixed the background in the colony screen without re-starting the game. Below you can see the same location than on my first screen shot, i did not even unpause the game : About my mac : Catalina 10.15.2 MacBook Air (13 pouces, début 2014) / 1,4 GHz Intel Core i5 double cœur / 8 Go 1600 MHz DDR3 / Intel HD Graphics 5000 1536 Mo
  2. Sorry, i just realized that i posted the bug report in the wrong forum : this is about Spaced Out.
  3. The background seems unusually dark on gas tiles. At first i thought it was a new feature, but i'm not sure. On one game load i had the classic rendering, but it's back now. Here is a capture : Also, here is another capture of the space biome transition. On vacuum tiles, the background is plain black without any blurring / transition effect between tiles :
  4. It finally worked, after rebooting my computer and steam and uninstalling / reinstalling the game
  5. Hi, I unininstalled the game, reinstalled, the bug is still here. I tried to unisntall, uncheck dlc, reinstall vanilla game, crashes too. I will now try Nessumo workaround.
  6. Hi, I could play the game a few hours ago, then stopped, and now it doesn't launch any more. I think i saw Steam update the client right before i tried to launch it but i'm not sure. Player log is attached but the file seems unmodified by the crash. Here is a capture of error message : And here are my macbook specs : Is there any other information i could provide ? Player.log
  7. Hello, same issue here. Whenever i try so tstart the game using the public_testing branch i get this error : I tried to "check game integrity" through Steam, doesn't work. As for RuThSp, ~/Library/Logs/Unity/player.log seem untouched, and i can't find any ~/Library/Logs/Klei/OxygenNotIncluded/Player.log file.