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  1. Nuclear reactor need pure water, not liquid uranium. Meltdown is cool :-)
  2. Auto-sweeper do not supplies uranium for centrifuge. My nuclear reactor do not work. Enriched uranium and uranium supplied.
  3. On official russian localisation first part of asteriod name is latinic, second part - cyrillic. It's wery weird. Fertil-ини Wat-она Shrub-они Reek-илиос Tundr-ано Ooz-илиос Gas-иель Magm-иста
  4. How to connect fittings to external resources? Power fitting automaticaly connects to battery module. Gas? Liquid?
  5. Игра воспринимает трубу как конвейер, а у тебя входы в трубу (зеленые выходы устройств) находятся с двух сторон, из-за чего направление не может определиться корректно. Это не баг, такая механика игры. Попробуй поэкспериментировать с мостами, они задают направление, а лучше подключи все зеленые выходы устройств с одной стороны. Можешь разрушить очиститель воды, это он мешает. А вообще, разработчики не понимаю русского языка, пиши на английском. Хотя бы через гугл-транслейт. Google translate: The game perceives the pipe as a conveyor, and you have the entrance to the pipe (green outputs of devices) on both sides, which is why the direction cannot be determined correctly. This is not bag, but the mechanics of the game. Try experimenting with bridges, they set the direction, or better connect all the green outputs of the devices on one side. You can destroy the water purifier, it gets in the way. In general, the developers do not understand Russian, write in English. At least through google translate.
  6. Oil on the second asteroid. You can get there through the teleport.
  7. Or the sublimator doesn't work (not emit the gas). Apparently the sublimator emits gas in this point. Need to expand collision block to 2*2 or change emission point.
  8. @Steve8 This is a visual (?) bug. Reveal the map, disable debugging and switch between asteroids. Unpause game. Most likely, they will appear. I have appeared.
  9. What is outer ring? I have generated worlds, and it seems to me that 4,5,6 planets are also inaccessible. We just won't be able to see them. SWMP-C-1583925221-0 SWMP-C-442176298-0
  10. @JoeW hmm, my alpha access still active. What time will early access be open?
  11. @aresd I hope they return random asteroid generations. It's difficult to play on hard difficulty, but one asteroid generation is boring.