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    Personally, I am more interested in the modification of the rocket ports. And filters on the main rocket platform, as written in the description. And also the balancing of the planetoids, since three volcanoes of the same metal are not needed, different funnels, like vanilla, would be much more practical
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  2. I think the situation regarding diseases will be reconsidered, and keep in mind that radiation will be added as another limiting factor. And they will probably suffer from it no less than from diseases. Although I admit that earlier diseases were more severe and ignoring them led to unwanted deaths. And that caused some kind of emotion.

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  3. I think it's too early to ask for a nuclear-powered rocket engine. Since nuclear reactor technology is still in development. And I would like to see not just a nuclear reactor, but a chain of technologies. The technological process, not just a single construction. A zeta bee farm + uranium enrichment, a plant to produce twel - nuclear fuel (fuel pellets). Also interesting mechanics of the nuclear process rather than just one construction, the addition of recirculation pumps rather than just a heat turbine (high temperature steam generators with a large utility factor). And as a result the storage of nuclear waste and the process of its complete utilization. I hope the developers will listen and show all their enthusiasm to make it super interesting. Thank you for your work


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