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  1. I understand that perhaps the problem is with the power supply and I would agree. But there is one but it appears on different doors with regular frequency regardless of whether the door is connected to power or not and no matter how it is powered. This is definitely a problem with the latest update as everything was working properly before. Thanks for the translator it really is better.


    And the problem does not always appear for different duplicates and it is sad


  2. Sorry, I don’t know how in English exactly, because I play with localization. And by the way, today I noticed that the problem does not always appear. But it appears periodically. Maybe someone had such an answer as you decided.

    Без имени-1.png

    Here for example a specific case the door worked and the animation is passed but the duplicate girl did not pass but stands and just waits for the next opening.


    and this can last for 10 and 15 seconds, and even opening the door with another duplicate will not affect the waiter. He seems to be hanging and waiting for redirection, such as when the rock collapses like a duplicate scared

    I also wanted to share a negative review. The main launch module (launch readiness) of the rocket and a large residential module for several duplicates have different menus and not as in the case of a small warhead one. It is very inconvenient, at first to check up or all duplicates in the rocket and then to pass to other module for start. Perhaps they should be combined by analogy with a small missile head module for convenience. And in the list of readiness for start simply to add a point that the top part is required for start. It would be much more convenient or to combine these two modules completely as nowhere as at construction of the big module of the rocket for duplicates it is not used