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  1. I have the same problem on all doors regardless of type, I have already left your save but the problem has not yet been fixed. The only thing I can say that the error is not always and very often on the newly built doors. After a while an error with freezing passes. And after a while it appears again.
  2. Personally, I am more interested in the modification of the rocket ports. And filters on the main rocket platform, as written in the description. And also the balancing of the planetoids, since three volcanoes of the same metal are not needed, different funnels, like vanilla, would be much more practical
  3. I think the situation regarding diseases will be reconsidered, and keep in mind that radiation will be added as another limiting factor. And they will probably suffer from it no less than from diseases. Although I admit that earlier diseases were more severe and ignoring them led to unwanted deaths. And that caused some kind of emotion.
  4. I think it's too early to ask for a nuclear-powered rocket engine. Since nuclear reactor technology is still in development. And I would like to see not just a nuclear reactor, but a chain of technologies. The technological process, not just a single construction. A zeta bee farm + uranium enrichment, a plant to produce twel - nuclear fuel (fuel pellets). Also interesting mechanics of the nuclear process rather than just one construction, the addition of recirculation pumps rather than just a heat turbine (high temperature steam generators with a large utility factor). And as a result the storage of nuclear waste and the process of its complete utilization. I hope the developers will listen and show all their enthusiasm to make it super interesting. Thank you for your work
  5. I understand that perhaps the problem is with the power supply and I would agree. But there is one but it appears on different doors with regular frequency regardless of whether the door is connected to power or not and no matter how it is powered. This is definitely a problem with the latest update as everything was working properly before. Thanks for the translator it really is better. And the problem does not always appear for different duplicates and it is sad
  6. Sorry, I don’t know how in English exactly, because I play with localization. And by the way, today I noticed that the problem does not always appear. But it appears periodically. Maybe someone had such an answer as you decided. Here for example a specific case the door worked and the animation is passed but the duplicate girl did not pass but stands and just waits for the next opening. and this can last for 10 and 15 seconds, and even opening the door with another duplicate will not affect the waiter. He seems to be hanging and waiting for redirection, such as when the rock collapses like a duplicate scared I also wanted to share a negative review. The main launch module (launch readiness) of the rocket and a large residential module for several duplicates have different menus and not as in the case of a small warhead one. It is very inconvenient, at first to check up or all duplicates in the rocket and then to pass to other module for start. Perhaps they should be combined by analogy with a small missile head module for convenience. And in the list of readiness for start simply to add a point that the top part is required for start. It would be much more convenient or to combine these two modules completely as nowhere as at construction of the big module of the rocket for duplicates it is not used
  7. The problem arises every time when the duplicate needs to go through the door (gateway), the door animation is triggered, but the duplicate twitching remains standing still as if the door is closed, after 5 seconds of waiting, he tries to go through again and the door may work correctly, or the bug may repeat again. I am playing with the latest update and the problem has never been seen before. I ask you to fix this bug, since it became impossible to play when the door was installed, the duplicates simply stand idle in front of it for a long time without the ability to pass
  8. Found a new bug. It touches the seeds. If I try to transport the seeds to another planetoid using a rocket. That seed will be unavailable until duplicates take it to the settlement's warehouse. Although the seed can not be planted in access while it lies in the arrived rocket
  9. Before disembarking the module, select one in the module settings from the list of ship duplicates that are on board. In this case, he is there alone. Only then should the module be sent to the surface. Otherwise, it will go empty as it happened with you.
  10. After a couple of sorties, the rocket engine stops refueling. Carbon dioxide just stands in the pipe. Moreover, this happens both with a partially filled tank and with an empty one. The solution to the problem is only to destroy and rebuild the rocket engine. Please eliminate this bau this is very annoying.
  11. I also had this, and with several re-entry into the game, everything was repeated.
  12. Just move the mouse up the screen. Your overview screen is in the middle of a hidden location. Just climb up.
  13. Why complicate things so much? This is a known bug. Simply replace the wall block of the rocket with a regular cage and then remove it. The way out is clear. Can be built in available space. Here's an example.
  14. Already prepared money. I'm waiting for the opening of sales.
  15. This problem occurs due to the fact that there are resources in the module. Take everything out of the module and the error goes away.
  16. The second bug with the scout drone occurs when passing horizontally located doors along the stairs. Hope you can fix this error.
  17. 1. Faced the problem of very fast evaporation of contaminated water from the evaporator - perhaps this is a new evaporation mechanic, but the water evaporates into dirty oxygen so quickly that I do not have time to fill the evaporator tank. Screenshot + 2. The second error that I encountered was the hovering of the scout drone with the battery still charged, for no apparent reason. 3. When choosing duplicates, opposite qualities appeared, such as digging + and digging - which in the end does not give any value.