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  1. Perfect, removing this item from my wish list... seems the feature was staring me in the face the whole time. Thanks for pointing this out. Will give fileseek a try.
  2. Ok here's how I did a caves regen, worked like a charm: 1) Make sure NONE of your characters have logged off in the caves. If they have, move them to the top world and log out. 2) Copy your DoNotStarveTogether/MyDediServer/ folder just in case something goes wrong. 3) Go to your DoNotStarveTogether/MyDediServer/Caves folder and delete all the folders in the Save folder (but not the folder itself). 4) Log back in and enter a cave. It should regenerate the world. Even if all the settings in modsoverrides.lua in both shards has the same parameters, they are different files. In my case I disabled the mods in the Master shard, but forgot to do the same in the caves shard and that's why a problematic mod caused an issue. As soon as I edited the caves file and regen'd, all was fine. Good luck!
  3. Sorry, I was specifically referring to server-side mods in the modoverrides.lua files for both the master/cave shards. Did you try disabling all of those if any are active (set the flags to enabled = false)? This was what happened to me: my server was showing up in the game search as unmodded even though I inadvertently had enabled some problematic server-side mods in the caves shard. To further troubleshoot you can also completely regenerate the caves shard while keeping your overworld progress.
  4. I had a similar issue and it ended up being the mods. Maybe try disabling all mods, running the server and seeing if it works. If it does then maybe try enabling one mod at a time to identify the problematic mod. I don't believe Klei officially supports any third party mods.
  5. Yes, thanks again ! I may do that and actually make a list of which folder belongs to which Klei ID on the fly. My server isn't very high traffic, so it might be manageable. Wishlist: Klei ID's or player names in those inventory files...
  6. Okay so I did some more research on this and it looks like you go to the session folder for shard the griefer logged out in. For example the master shard path below: Documents\Klei\DoNotStarveTogether\MyDediServer\Master\save\session\(~10-15 character alpha numeric session ID) The folder will contain a set of folders that all seem to begin with A7________ , where the blank is a ~8-10 alpha numeric that is unique to each player present in that shard. e.g., for a session where a total of 4 players joined the Master shard, you should see 4 unique folder ID's all beginning with A7: [Session ID Folder] -> [A7ABC12341] -> [A7ABC12342] -> [A7ABC12343] -> [A7ABC12344] The "A7" folder names are a lot more random with respect to the alpha numerics. Now the tricky part is identifying which folder belongs to the griefer. Each one of those "A7" folders has a *.meta file. If you open it, it let's you know which character the corresponding player was using. Other than that, you have to do some old fashioned detective work and by using things like deduction and what you know of the other players, work out which folder belongs to the griefer. This could be really tricky if dozens of players have come and gone on the dedicated server, each leaving a unique "A7" folder in the session folder. The process would be incredibly simplified if the Klei ID or even Steam name was included in the data file, but unfortunately it's not. After going through this painstaking process, you can open the other data files in their folder and decipher what was in their inventory. I was able to determine who took what and how many in a game I'm currently hosting, then log in with an admin and spawn in the stolen items with c_give. Again, would be much faster if Steam/Klei ID's were in the data files, but it was still possible.
  7. Ok , glad to hear this is within the realm of doable. Any chance you can point me in the right direction of the files and/or locations I'd be looking for -assuming these aren't encrypted areas and this is not against the ToS or anything like that?
  8. Neat, I didn't know this one. I tried this and counted 5 waterballoons to un-enrage her. The ice staff used to be a viable option and I think took 3-4 hits several patches ago. Now I believe it's 8-10 hits. One charge of Wicker's sleepytime stories also works and is probably the next best option to the pan flute.
  9. Keeping a good game alive, bringing in new blood as they say.... everyone can chip in here. Support newer players by helping them learn this wonderful game. Answer questions, make suggestions. Too often I see experienced players berating and being condescending to newer players. It's the experienced players that will make the difference here.
  10. Hello all, I've been successfully running a dedicated server for a couple of years now -off and on. Unfortunately, as we all know, griefing is something we all have to deal with along with the enjoyment DST brings us. As a server administrator, I mostly have this under control, via the usual commands through the console or the server itself (c_save, c_rollback, net_kick/ban, dropallitems, powerwordkill, etc). One more tool that would really help combat griefers is the ability to see their inventories for the case where they steal things. If I suspect someone is stealing valuable items, they generally can be caught provided they stick around to be searched/powerkilled by the console commands. It's the clever griefers that grab things and instantly leave that are difficult to deal with. My question is: when this happens, is there anyway to tell which items they made off with from the files in the MyDediServer directory? If so , it would amount to simply spawning in what they took and calling it a day. Even better if there's a way to do this in-game. Apologies if this has already been discussed at length. I did some good key word searches and nothing came up. Many thanks in advance!