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  1. So update... I've tried several flash drives and I cant seem to find one that will be recognized by my ps4... does anyone know of any that are compatible? I really am curious as to what is causing my map to crash but if I can't get a suitable flash drive, I won't be able to upload the map...
  2. With the forgotten knowledge update, an older map of mine (1924 days) keeps crashing when the retrofit counter reaches 0 and my game tries to auto save. I've tried rolling back to an earlier time of day, thinking it was because it was going from night to day, and it still crashes once it reaches 0. I even tried running into a cave to try and force a save before it reached 0 but crashed again anyway... i can supply screen shots but im not sure what else to do without deleting the map and just starting a new one. Any advice would b greatly appreciated... i don't really want to lose this map. Thanks in advance for anything u can help with! received_679693022689601.mp4