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  1. I would prefer to keep it a relative secret, but if you want to, click below if you want to see the surprise: I'll also add in the post some new rules.
  2. Sooo... me and a friend of mine are going to be starting a DST server soon. Just a few things to clear up: If you want to join, the server's going to be called "A Chef and a Spooder", and there's going to be 8 slots. Me and my friend are going to be Warly and Webber, respectively. We have a few plans, and that requires some certain characters. We would like a Wigfrid, Winona, Wurt, Wickerbottom, Wormwood, and Wolfgang, although we don't NEED them. Also if you pick Wes, just TRY to see what happens. If you want a good laugh though, pick Wes. Its going to be a social/cooperative world, and there's not going to be any language guidelines, so you can just go hogwild. If you would prefer not to see this, I could create a discord for the vulgar stuff and keep game chat clean. The server's going to have some mods, just quality of life stuff like craftable gears and geometric placement. The world settings are also going to be adjusted, once again, just for quality of life like turning off disease. My friend is going to be slightly new to don't starve. Namely he's never played it but I've told him a bunch of the basics. Small pranks like adjusting a build or playing a joke on someone are permitted, even encouraged, but griefing like setting stuff on fire or eating all of our food is not. To give people a chance, I will kick them at first, but if they grief again, it's a ban. Modded characters, if they aren't too overpowered, are permitted, but not preferable. Teasing is permitted, but outright verbal abuse is VEHEMENTLY disallowed, and will result in an instant ban. Show in the comments if you want to join! Do note that it may take a while, for reasons I would prefer not to divulge. See ya soon! Edit: My steam name is: Kazotsky Kick Main. Yes, I play TF2.