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  1. Not on default settings, no. The Loot Stash has a max spawns of 1. You can tune this up in the "Klaus" setting in world settings but that also decreases its respawn time with it. You could make a mod to change it in 1 line, though.
  2. On caveless worlds c_select() works when actually hovering your mouse over the entity and having their text pop up. For worlds where commands are executed remotely (multisharded) it's done based on world position. So for this case since you can't hover over the fx you can't c_select() it on your test world.
  3. No. The bell does not prevent beefalo heat. However, whenever a beefalo forgets it's herd, it's heat timer is reset. When you go into the caves (switch shards) with the bell in your inventory or log off and back on, the beefalo tied to your bell forgets it's herd. It therefore gets its heat timer reset to 20 days, and loses any heat it had. Spring heat is independent of this; your beefalo will still be in heat. Once your beefalo is fully tamed it will never go into heat. Heat is tide to the herd, not the individual beefalo. But I hope klei somehow makes it so that a beefalo will remember it's heat when it forgets it's herd. To avoid this confusion.
  4. In the same vein, I think Ctrl isn't the best key for it in the first place. What about Alt?
  5. I am confused. Are you just saying that you personally don't like taffy? Or that it is objectively a useless dish? Or that those two things go hand in hand (you not liking it means it's useless)? And then where do turtles factor in...
  6. This used to happen to me a lot too. Long before waterlogged for me actually. When making new worlds I'd have to retry an arbitrary number of times (getting that Dedicated Failed to Start error) before successfully creating and opening the world. I have no clue why it happens. Now I don't think it's happened to me for quite a while, though.
  7. Thermal stones have their own internal temperature similar to player temperature. This temperature determines what color they will be (white, yellow, orange, etc) along with how much heat they emit. Thermal stones have 120 insulation, and so their internal temperature drops 1 degree every 5 seconds when its cold out. Nothing, not even player insulation or... miner hats? can affect thermal stone insulation or temperature loss rate. Player clothing insulation slows down player temperature loss once your thermal has run out or when you don't have a thermal or heat source. Miner hats aren't even in the picture.
  8. Your friend likely has search filters on, preventing them from seeing some servers. They should press the reset button on the filters. If you think it’s a problem on your side, though, you can try finding your server on Note that this will only find servers that are open and running, aren’t set to private, and you may need to give it a bit after you open the server.
  9. Honestly, OP was pretty clear they only cared about health and DPS in this tier list. So yeah, it mostly makes sense.
  10. That’s not how it works. Each time after it does it’s triple chomp attack, it has a 40% chance to repeat it. You can’t get hits in between triple chomp attacks. The most realizable way to kite it would be before it attacks, but that can be tricky if your boat is already packed. Nevertheless, yeah, once you understand their mechanics they theoretically shouldn’t provide too much trouble. 1. Sharks despawn offscreen. Most people know this. You can just keep sailing if you find one while sailing. 2. After jumping on your boat and failing to hit anyone 3x in a row, they give up and swim away. 3. You can lure sharks to you with any kind of fish/meat; if you want to keep fighting them. 4. Sharks are AOE, but they deal 50% less damage against multiple targets. It pains me to think about, though, that there is NO LIMIT to the number of triple chomp attacks they do consecutively before jumping off your boat. They can just keep on chomping. That’s how one killed my shadow chester, and I will never forgive.