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  1. This specific bit of code is crashing (in cain.lua), attached it and the error message. I'm very new to lua so I don't know what the issue is.
  2. Title says it all really, attached images (ignore the skin differences, no changes were made to the sprite)
  3. Used esctemplate, and I doublechecked the names. Haven't fully finished replacing all the sprite images but I wanted to test it out ingame to make sure I had it right. It looked fine in spriter, but in the character skin menu and in the game the sprite doesn't show up at all. (also the name images for the character selection screen don't show either, images/names_cain and images/names_cain_gold, not sure if it's the same problem) attached the files because i'm perplexed at this point, modding isn't my strong point CAIN.rar