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  1. I don't remember if I had anarchy 5, but that seems like the most likely explanation! Especially since it happened several times on one run, but generally hasn't happened on other runs, which is probably because I rarely get anarchy 5 (my inventory is usually too full to constantly be picking up more stuff). Thank you for the explanation! The other problems aren't as simple as that, unfortunately. Incidentally, I forgot that being unable to see the bottom Incognita program even occurs in non-DLC runs, because of the extra program you get in the final mission. Though regardless, I think people would mostly want to play with the DLC on anyway, which makes it an issue for a significant portion of the run, especially if you have a program with a cooldown in that slot. Another thing that I was really sad to learn is that the music is supposed to be dynamic, changing with each alarm level, but on Switch this doesn't happen. I believe the version that plays is the one for alarm level 2-3. This means that effectively most of the soundtrack is missing from the Switch version, which is pretty sad given all the work that must have gone into it. I doubt this is a bug, but I'm really confused as to why that's the case. The building intensity makes it so much better!
  2. There doesn't seem to be anywhere to submit a bug report for the Switch version of Invisible Inc. I understand that there are no plans for further updates on other platforms, but given how recent the Switch release was, and the fact that a couple of bugs have cropped up, it would be nice to have some way to have them addressed. I've had a few issues in my play time: When starting a DLC-enabled run after playing a DLC-disabled run, DLC augments/items are missing, as others have also reported. On several occasions, I have attempted to steal from a KOed guard, seen an item there that my current agent did not have room to pick up, moved them out of the way, and brought another agent over to pick up the item - only to find that the item had disappeared and was no longer on the guard's body, nor was it in possession of either agent, or on the ground somewhere. This pretty directly hurts the player, at a minimum by denying them the credits for being able to sell the stolen item. Unlike some of the other issues, there is also no real workaround (aside from using up a rewind?). When playing with DLC, which provides an extra program slot, the last program is obscured by Incognita's portrait. While you can still move the cursor to the program and use it, you can't properly see how many turns are remaining on its cooldown. After the game has been open for some time, performance becomes extremely poor, with frequent pauses and jittering. This can be resolved (temporarily) by restarting the game, but is still frustrating, as it doesn't take particularly long to occur. I've found no reference to these problems existing in the current PC build of the game, they seem to be specific to Switch. Is there a possibility that we can actually make bug reports to the team that worked on the Switch port, and have a general bugfix/performance update some time in the future?