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  1. After the hamlet failure I hope you don't let go of it too is dlc
  2. will this update still come out?
  3. My hamlet simply can't generate worlds I've been waiting 30 minutes for that animation to generate and nothing.... just can't play
  4. I met don't starve on beta google, and for me it was a dream, my computer couldn't stand many games and when it went to steam I bought it. And every new update I celebrated because the players deciphered codes or charades in every new update. I remember when the "reign of giants" came out and I freaked out because it was amazing. And here comes the multiplayer "dst" that for me was very good, I would be able to play the same version of "DS" online. Before that I remember the klei telling us that they would make an amazing singplayer. And soon after dst came and all this was over. I was so upset that I couldn't play dst or ds without thinking about it. To think how incredible all this content would be in just one game. It would be unbelievable that you have almost infinite things to do. Explore etc... Nowadays I settle for dst because I've given up thinking they would go back a bit on ds. But it's 2020 and that's it, skins, updates with no theory about the characters. That's all. Sorry just a vent, I loved ds so much it was the best game for me and it was sad and revolting when "hamelt 1.0" was canceled and just released as if it was nothing. More and more singplayer games are dying to give the place to skins, recycled content, and an empty sea to explore...