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  1. Some one on the Steam forums posted a “fix” that has consistently worked for me. When a trussed hatch is doing the repeat burrowing thing, freeze the game while it is unburrowed. Save the game and quit to desktop. When you start the game again, the hatches all behave normally.
  2. That was not the case for me. I didn't attack any hatches. Just attempt to wrangle them when they were not burrowed..
  3. I'm having this same bug. I have no different conditions to report other than what others have already reported. I have also tried a new, vanilla game file with no mods, and the problem persists.
  4. I haven't even made it in the triple digits yet! I usually quit when I see that heat has gotten out of my control, before there are any real effects (other than crop death) from it. But so far, I have done nothing to insulate my base. That changed with my latest game, when I have insulated the main base, and I've put my generators outside the base.
  5. For right now, it's about preventing heat death. I've only played so far on Terra as "No Sweat."
  6. I've been playing ONI for about two weeks, and the biggest limiting factor for me has been temperature management. Realizing the game was in development for a while and many YouTube videos were made during that time, is there a recommended guide--either YT vid or webpage--for temperature management?
  7. That's what I get for relying on memory about a week after I watched the video. I forgot about the step of sieving the polluted water.
  8. I copied this electrolyzer setup from YouTube. Every time I supply power, the electrolyzer begins to suffer damage. I can't figure out why, and would appreciate some help if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance.
  9. I had made a conveyer, with a loader at each hatch stable, going to one receptacle to transport eggs. One of the loaders gave an error saying there was no receptacle. Deleting the loader and building in back in the same location worked, for some reason.
  10. Can multiple conveyor loaders lead to a single receptacles? (In other words, two loaders, both going to the same receptacle)
  11. I have an autoloader in my hatch ranch set to pick up any hatchling eggs, sage hatchling eggs, or stone hatchling eggs and load it on a conveyer. There's a sage hatchling egg in the stable but it's not being picked up. Any ideas?
  12. I apparently have a blocked pipe in my water sieve/carbon skimmer setup, but I'm too much of a noob to figure it out. Can anyone help?