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  1. I see all of your points , it's just i wanted to play with my entire family but even i knew this would never happen
  2. So , couple things i wan't to speak about. FIrst off all , cross platform. Crossplatform would be good for the other thing i wanted to talk about. Ps4 , Mobile , Xboxeone , and PC player's could all play together!. Mobile doesn't exist but that's another thing i wan't. Please make this game for mobile and crossplatform. It would be very usefull. Since them my entire family could play don't starve together. I have another request which is just personal , please make dst free on mobile. You don't have to do this it's just something i would like. Anyway's , i would be happy if you could add cross platform and don't starve together for mobile. Dr.SPINGO
  3. WHo else thinks meep is the best clone? Meep is just amazing. like we he try's to get a hat in one of the short's. Seeing him smile was amazing. Every single short with meep in it is amazing. WHat about you all?