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  1. Another candidate for the famous "best changelog poetry" award.
  2. When the "Space above rocket is blocked" was once displayed in the rocket build menu, it never disappears (until reload; and it is even shown on other rockets which have never been blocked).
  3. When setting a priority before clicking the "Build" button for a rocket module, the actual construction errand will still have the default priority (5).
  4. The checklist for my rocket contains an empty entry (no text, no tooltip, but color changed from red to orange along with the fuel status).
  5. The asteroid name in the "Skills" screen contains a line break even though there would be more than enough space to have it written in one line. In the example: SliimaOoziturn becomes SliimaOozit | urn
  6. I also don't see a difference to the base game technically. However, what's new now is that the diagnostics alert for food pops up along with the "Starving" alert, highlighting the amount of kcals. So that nuisance effectively changes from "Oh no, the game complains about starving dupes again, even though I know I have enough food" to "Oh no, the game complains about starving dupes again, even though it obviously sees that I have enough food".
  7. It does not ultimately stop, it's just not printing as long as the porta-pod is not activated. So the countdown goes on and when it reaches 0 seconds, it simply resets to 3 cycles instead of givinga blueprint selection. As soon as you activate the porta-pod, it is able to print again, but you won't get those missed printouts back, no matter how bad you need them at this point where you just spli your colony into two.