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  1. Having the bosses (deerclops/bearger) spawn in on Wes only sounds like a great idea! That way other player's can keep working on base/project's at base. It would make him useful in multi server's. Not sure about the perma aggro tho. Good idea's!
  2. I like the idea of it being faster than the walking cane or your right it'd never be used after 1st winter.
  3. I've been thinking about this for awhile so I thought I'd finally throw it in here to see what ya all thought. I want bundling wraps to be able to be dyed. My idea is to dye them with red, green and blue caps. So that they can be color coded. It'd be nice to have an idea what you have in the dam thing's for once! A simple 3 colors so it's not complicated. I don't know if it should be a small cauldron you add water and a mushcap too or something a bit more complicated? Would anyone else be interested in something like this? Any ideas you have would be appreciated! Thanks guy's Or even an option in the refine tab where you add a bundling wrap with a mushroom of choice. Like when you refine a red and blue gem to make a purple one. (I like this idea better) so you don't have to make any other station
  4. If it was just to refill watering cans I'd get behind that. Love the pics guy's!
  5. I think her damage modifier should absolutely transfer to the mean beef, it fits her character imo! And it's meaning (who she is...isn't) prob shouldn't be twisted in every which way, keep it simple With Wolfgang it would make no sense (since he is not a warrior) so I don't see it as a problem leaving him out of the equation
  6. I love the idea of the ancient kiln being an upgraded version of the crockpot. It would be useful and beautiful, best of both worlds. I also like the idea of warly's portable but it should prob only work for him and his original be part of the recipe so other's don't build it. Good idea's
  7. If you buy the chest of belongings (The Fool's Tool Chest) it has a panflute skin in it, it's the flute and I love it! It's in the far right of the picture! Enjoy
  8. The fact that Wes is more likely to get struck by lightning and chased by hounds is perfect! This fits his character to a T! I'm also loving this panflute skin!!!! Thanks Klei!
  9. I've only been a subscriber on his YT for a short time but I found helicalpuma thru his many mentions in other videos. He did a great job of patiently explaining everything in great detail and I learned a lot from him. I am so sorry to his family, friends and community. I will be thinking of you all and he will be greatly missed. A name or quote would be a nice tribute to him. All my luv
  10. I don't think this post was ment to cover character swapping issues just idea's for more structure's. I really like the idea of the sprinkler and I think your designs are awesome!
  11. I think the red gem chester is a good idea, it would be kinda cool to keep your thermal stone warm! He could be red with devil horns. I also wish we could get skin sets for him now that we have the skinsweeper!
  12. Hello all! I have a suggestion for the new world gen options that would make my life so much easier. Please create 2 different settings one for: Berry Bushes: classic, juicy berries or both And another for: Twigs: classic, twiggy tree's or both It is so frustrating loading world after world just to get Juicy berries in my world, you would be surprised how many it takes! I love DST and all the additional content you all at Klei keep adding keeps me coming back!! Keep it up!!! Thanks
  13. Where is the correct location to add suggestions for this beta? Thank you! Also will this update be available for console players? I'm sorry not sure where to correctly place these comments thank you for your patience