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  1. The set-up is indeed originate from burning bee queen with it =D Wow wow wow, thanks dude, finally someone that seems to know about these things. How do you get to know these info? And also, what are the small, medium, large fire propagators? Do you know about the game data / lua? So item/structure smolders after it reach certain temperature, and catch on fire after x time, is right afterall? There is so much computing behind the scene so that's why burning things give so much lag?
  2. More Ice Flingomatic Mechanics for those who are interested A full Ice Flingomatic will last for 5 day. Each bar indicate 1 Day. You can actually tell how many days the fuels will last based on the fuel gauge. This flingo has fuels to last for 1 day. Ice Flingomatic Emergency Mode The flingo must be fueled and cannot be empty. Before the fueled flingo can enter emergency mode, it must first be in Alert State Alert Status (Yellow Light) Trigger Condition I: 5 structures burning within flingo radius. Structures are wood wall, hay wall, gate, fence, chest, science machine, etc. (suprisingly, mini sign does not count as a structure). Flowers, grass, saplings, berrybushes and trees count as structures Trigger Condition II: 1 structure burnt down (either become blacken or into ash) Only structures will trigger the alert state. No amount of items will do. Emergency Mode (Red Light) -- Auto Put Out Any Burning Objects The Only Trigger Condition: During Alert Status, 1 structure burnt down In Emergency Mode, flingo will consume fuel overtime just like in normal mode. It seems that very rarely, empty flingo can also enter emergency mode, however there is no consistent way (that I know of) to reproduce this behaviour, so I'm thinking it's actually a bug rather than feature. Additionally, ice flingomatic has a property which I call as bending time-space.. If walls are built nearby the flingo (even more so when there are food baits), mobs and even your characters will walk into the flingo as if the target location is at the flingo itself. Less esoterically, it might be called as flingo movement glitch/bug. Misc. Items/Structures Ash Time rot, seed, feather = 7 secs charcoal, log, beefalowool, wood wall item = 15 secs wood wall, hay wall, gate, fence = 20 secs (chest, sign = 10 secs) rope, board = 30 secs
  3. Thanks for all that comments, I don't mean that this is a breakthrough or what that changes how to play the game. Rather, it is a discovery that ice flingomatic actually has such a deep mechanic that has been not mentioned before. What will come out of it is another matter. Also, I'm not complaining it is imperfect, rather I'm sharing it and pointing it out. Burn items / fuel stacks endless to provide endless fire and light (like in the video), and also for other set up that I have not thought about yet. Point 2 is merely my presumption of how smoldering/burning works, based on the set-up and other gameplays, so take it with a grain of salt. All other points are derived from the observations during the set-up. I'm not aware of the maximum size/range of the splash aoe during the different modes tho, but I think they may be similar. I'm also surprised that ice flingomatic has such deep mechanics and agree it is underrated and not often talked about. I have also made a pig fire farm with automated flingo extinguisher, so if you're interested in fire/flingo, you can find it on my youtube channel and watch it.
  4. The ice flingomatic is the only machine in the Constant that can water plants and put out fire on land. For regular use, you may think that it works really well. However, for heavy-duty use, you will realize that it is in fact, an imperfect machine. In a set up that I made (inspired by others), which I call the ‘Endless Fire’, I discovered that the ice flingomatic has 4 quirks that is not talked about or discussed anywhere (or there is but I can’t find it). 1. Inconsistent AoE The AoE of snowballs that put of fire, is in fact, non-consistent. The radius can be slighter larger or slighter lower. Current suspect is that the maximum and minimum splash radius is +- 1 point of geometric placement space. 2. Irregular Power The power is the degree of temperature that the snowball projectile cools down. This is also irregular. In the set-up, the flingo can bring down the same fuel stacks to smoldering temperature and sometimes completely douse the fuel stacks to non-smoldering temperature. Remark: I have less confidence in this claim because it can also be related to fire spread mechanics and the accumulated latent heat of objects. 3. Inconsistent Initiation Speed The ice flingomatic actually has 2 modes of initiation before throwing the snowball projectile. Mode 1 ( Normal Speed ) The flingo spins clockwise 2.5 turns, springs up and spins 1.5 turns to release snow projectile, and then recoils one turn, back to preparation state. Total time taken to release projectile = 1.00 second Mode 2 ( Faster than Normal Speed ) -- Occasional The flingo spins clockwise 2.5 turns, springs up, spins only 1 turn and release snow projectile, inertia spin 0.5 turn, and then recoils one turn, back to preparation state. Total time taken to release projectile = 0.85 second. 4. Attempt to Put out Smoldering Objects or Fire during Plant Watering Duration The flingo will occasionally enter into a state that water plants. During this duration (my estimation of somewhere between 1-2 seconds), the flingo will also throw snowballs to put out any smoldering objects or fire. I have put down the links for the set-up, flingo, and also the save file / world so that you can see, test and verify my claims. Endless Fire: https://youtu.be/PJ_FtyXW8ms Flingo Imperfections: https://youtu.be/sGmYcGz4Bt0 Save file / world : https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1n5J2CdYHuKYYgk2dNiZcBh6cOMRM4MxH?usp=sharing I also vaguely know that there is somehow a way to look into the prefab file or game data file, is there someone knowledgeable in this help to confirm these claims or teach me how to do it? At last, thanks for reading the post and feel free to share any related flingo or fire mechanics to help elucidate them!
  5. Tired of sailing? Standing on the round, flat wooden plank which they call boat? Join me in this fun little (contest?) to find the lunar island using only telelocator staff! Since the new update provides unlimited save slots and instantly transferable world / save file, let's have some funs with it. World generated on 24/10/2020 (the first try since the conception of this idea) ************************* Contest ************************* Items: ---------- 10X telelocator staffs 5X glommer goops 1X walking cane 1X eyebrella Rules: --------- 1. After pick up all of items, spam telelocator staffs on the same spot. 2. You can only move when you have taken any damage! (nightmare creatures, etc) 3. No lights! Spam telelocators to give you lights! 4. If died, use console to revive >> c_spawn("amulet") Tell us if you have reached Lunar Island and how many telelocator staffs you used! World creation and Contest Guide: https://youtu.be/H1CPC32evjQ Save File / World (Google Drive link): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tnKGn2NxpfLEGkgi8OZtjR5taWGf8KFZ?usp=sharing Instant Transfer Save File Guide [Save Slots REVAMP 2020] : https://youtu.be/7qrOVeyFg7U Tries Counts Tabulation (Google Form): https://forms.gle/rfcsPJiDJ7uCsbav9