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  1. i use a ps4 controller if you must know and can you provide me a specific case where this has happened or are you just talking to talk?
  2. right thats why shipwrecked still doesn't have controller support 3 years later on ios they dont care about the community period and i at this point have already uninstalled the game i wont be reinstalling so yeah can you give me a specific player feedback that was actually used by the dev team dont give me some crap that you regurgitate that some dev wrote in a update i want to know who was the player where did they give this feed back like show me some sort of evidence of a player saying something and then klei actually responding and doing something show me this to support your claim i mean can you or anyone even provide me with any evidence of that actually happening other than some hear say from klei devs after they push a update they think is risky because they know the community didn't ask for it ?
  3. the problem with that is that many people have already tried this route with klei and said things to klei about problems with there various games and klei will say yeah yeah ill look into it and then do nothing...... they have a long history of ignoring things till they go away instead of actually doing anything to address the issues......... then to top it off when they do things its all there dev teams ideas like what have they actually done that the community wanted or asked for? yet they boast that the game is hugely community inspired and we help them mold the game with our feedback yada yada ect its ******** tho the actual devs dont even give you real answers in the forums just regurgitated comments they have said 100 times already like they want to create the illusion they care about you as a community but they dont dude so dont hold your breath that your suggestions wont fall upon deft ears also thats cute your dads a lawyer but i know that most lawyers suck ( not saying you dad sucks at his job i don't know you or him )the real truth of the matter is its a time to money thing for the good lawyers i mean there's soo much case law if you had a indefinite amount of time its impossible to lose any case in America just using the case law alone most lawyers know and use the actual law and try to defend off of that and there just bad lawyers that lose alot so yeah there's so many angles like what if someone proved that this TOS and EULA you speak of is unconstitutional then that would null and void that defense right away i mean there's just so many ways to engage as a lawyer in a courtroom that at this time in America its impossible to lose with enough time to prepare i mean laws that haven't been over turned from year 1800 that are most likely irrelevant to this day and age are still valid to be used in court even if there ridiculous its still valid law so im not so sure id lose its more of a what do i have to do to actually win and then develop a good offence to disengage every single one of there defenses so all is left on the table is my discrepancy and thats a win but yeah i doubt it would ever come to that as a giant company like klei would without a doubt cut the check before wasteing tthere time and resources on a case that would have such a small payout they would just shovel the money out to be done with it get a non disclosure to avoid the bad press and call it that theres no way in hell if i actually did sue klei they would actually want to take it all the way to court
  4. wtf u mean false rumors the game doesn't ******* work right for controller on pc dude its broken dude the new controls are horrible also im not on ps4 maybe you should read and actually comprehend what your reading before you comment a rude ass entitled reply next time. Also i dont care about the options of a sheep so go baaa elsewhere. Im just stating facts here as i see them nothing more. i spent money on this game due to the fact that it was a game i could play. Now after i payed them they bait and switched me so i cant play the thing i payed for. i want my money back period. No court in the usa wouldn't rule in my favor on such a issue. You saying anything else is just asinine and just supporting klei stealing from its customers because your a tool. I doubt i would ever even go to court if i filed the lawsuit klei wouldn't want press like that they would most likely settle outside of court. You call me whatever the **** you want but as it stands right now with the current state of the game im seriously considering suing because ive been wronged out of the things i spent real money on. I will start by contacting steam and asking for refunds and a statement of all my transactions with klei then ill go to a lawer from there. steam will most likely refund some of it back to a certain point in time. i dont know the exacts of how steams timelines and refunds go but im sure theres a point where steam will tell me some of the transactions are too old. so those to old transactions i will have to speak to a lawyer about to see if im within my rights to sue or not. i think i might be but im not a lawyer. if anyone knows anything factual about this sort of stuff id love to hear it. Also grand larceny is different from state to state but heres a example of where i live "larceny becomes grand larceny when the item or items stolen is valued at $300 and higher............. so yeah this would be considered grand larceny there guy i dont live in china the fact is i spent money on something i cant use due to fault that is not of my own so yeah it sounds like a slam dunk if i would take it to court aka i would win at bare minimum a full refund.
  5. think about this i own all of the skins in dst aside from a few from twitch drops and a few from the klei rewards page drops i had to buy those with real money and I cant use any of them now because the game no longer playable as a controller player klei basically just committed grand larceny like really i spent 500-1000 dollars in the long run on this game i can no longer play so yeah im super pissed off Anyone know any good lawsuit lawyers?
  6. check out this reply from klei in 2019 ..... its 2022 and we got nothing still...... Oh and I hope you and the other uncle toms on the klei forum get offended and tag a dev so they can see my criticism of there "recent rework". please do the tagging for me as im lazy @ ArubaroBeefalo I cursed because I was just using a word commonly used by people to express themselves. i feel my current expressions cant be obtained without swearing cuz that's how extreme I feel and I want to portray that in my words. The fact that certain individuals get offended by a word is not my problem now and never will be of my concern ever. Who are you to shame me for expressing myself? Would it make you happier if I suppressed my emotions and thoughts and just didn't articulate myself, and just refrained from participating in the conversation of a topic very currently on my mind? Have you considered the possibility that I dont care if you get offended by me expressing myself as I feel its my right as a human to be able to do so?
  7. I just hope they dont **** up hamlet and shipwrecked with this ui garbage. Cuz there's no reason to rework that. There's no in game transactions there. On a side note there being no micro transactions on those games is probably the reason shipwrecked on ios never got controller support cuz **** controller users right klei? Just saying there's been a pattern with klei over the years with there lack of care for controller users and this ui update is like the worlds largest cherry on top
  8. the thing is its unplayable dude it takes like 20 times longer to craft anything with a controller now its impossible to maintain a kiting pattern and craft something without being hit multiple times by ai. They broke the game for controller users it just doesn't work its not that I didn't try it I did I got familiar with where and how to craft things and gave it the old collage try but it just doesn't work dude. Think of it this way if I just downloaded this game I would return it before I got 2 hours in because its suppose to have full controller support. Like go connect a controller and try to play this garbage for 2 hours and tell me you wouldn't return it if you were a new player that just bought the game. Cuz i bet you would. Like I'm so pissed about this I'm considering contacting steam and making a complaint about the false advertising klei is doing with there outlandish claim that this game has full controller support.
  9. The real problem here is klei entertainment was way to quick to approve this ui update without fully thinking of its full impact on all users. Its just irresponsible. They designed it clearly for keyboard and mouse users. I'm assuming whoever designed this intended on keyboard and mouse being what you will play with, and didn't give any consideration to the fact that a portion of the player base is controller users. Like at all. I mean i get it what the big boss guys at klei heard is we can basically put new items and skins in the game indefinitely. which means they can keep making in game transactions. Which is fine I'm not knocking that part klei entertainment is a business with employees that need real paychecks. But yeah it clearly got pushed out with minimal testing because its about the money. So in my eyes klei chose capitalism over its actual players. Which is pretty shitty of klei. But I understand I get it. But does klei understand in my eyes they basically flipped me the bird as they drove by in there new Ferrari. And nothing will change that short of a ui rework that actually considers controller users. That you know have been playing this game for years with thousands of hours in game, or like making the new ui optional.
  10. its utter garbage being a pc controller player that use to be basically a pro at kiting while crafting and i could survive indefinitely i cant survive a single night now the game is straight up unplayable as a controller user so yeah im pissed because this crafting ui is effectively the nail in the coffin for dst as i wont be playing a game thats literally unplayable unless you have keyboard and mouse so yeah **** me right
  11. Just saying i made a post that was about the upcoming update and now its closed prematurely. I dont know whyits closed my post seems to me to still be a relevant subject. I think the post I made should still be open for like post update talk because the update is not live yet but whatever. Is klei trying to silence me because im talking about there super long track record of neglecting to actually care about there controller supported patrons? Like wtf why is my post closed? I thought the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms is the equivalent to the American bill of rights but i guess not....
  12. ok first id like to point out that I asked for specific quotes on what I said that was hostile and you didn't provide that and instead chose to reworded my words to better suit your current needs which is not cool just saying. That being said I guess ill break down what I mean in these specifics that I guess your misunderstanding. I NEVER told anyone they were wrong for having there own view not once, you have zero evidence of that at all so let me just stop you right there on that one. When i said "Hold up hold up so your seriously trying to convince me this is good because you think its more convenient to have to reset up some activity specific favorites tab every single time you decide to do a new activity? Instead of like actually being or getting better at the game. That sounds super tedious and annoying like the opposite of convenient. Just saying." Im referring to the major change that is to the actual skill part of playing this game for controller users in terms of the ability to crafting things in any given situation being a player based skill that will be majorly affected for all controller users. Not calling anyone wrong so dont twist my words please thus the reasoning behind me asking for specific quotes not what you think you read as evidence to backup your outlandish accusations. in response to "If that is not hostile in any way then I suppose I can just disarm the arguments of people I don't agree with by saying "wow you are so bad at the game, I have adhd and I can focus better on simple tasks than you, get good." Im not calling anyone bad at the game but in all fairness I do suspect this new update may be influenced by a newer dev/player that is trying to make the game easier on themselves instead of putting in the time to get good at the current ui. AKA playing and developing skill. I guess my reasoning behind this is that there foregoing all previous muscle memory actions in favor of completely new ones. Why would someone do this if there not trying to make the game easier on themselves without haveing to put the work in to actually get good at it. Im able to damn near craft things blinfdfolded on the old ui. Thats a skill right? So the players that feel the same as me are players that have this skill im speaking of and that skill thats been honed for years and thats about to be scrapped because some new dev designed it to better suit a noob. Like let's not beat around the bush here this update is designed to cater to the noobs and twitch streamers at the expense of the dont starve controller using vets. But when has Klei ever really considered the controller users first? im not calling anyone specifically a noob. But I kinda am saying this update is for noobs that have issues finding things in the crafting tab already. Oh yeah and if i have ****** up hands and i can do it i believe anyone can. And finally "Hell, I never sided with anyone on this thread all I said was that someone acted hostile towards someone else in my eyes. If you feel adressed then I'm not sure whether or not that's my fault." Nah i just dont want this thread getting locked by a dev before the update actually drops and I in all honesty dont actually see anything genuine hostile. Maybe next time try talking to the thread first before immediately tagging a dev over nothing.
  13. If you wouldn't mind could you maybe quote where you interpret my words as "hostile" otherwise I just see your post as trolling without any thing specific to backup your false accusations. And without said evidence ill be left with no choice other than to view your post as just hostile slander.
  14. I see nothing hostile on this page at all. I mean sure theres some minor trolling here and there but all and all its just a simple discussion. Unless i missed something major somewhere it seems just to be people talking from multiple perspectives on a specific subject. If you dont like other peoples options your welcome to scroll away and navigate to another page on another topic. But please dont tag a dev calling it something its not just because you read something out of context and misinterpreted it as "hostile". Its a tad immature if your making these bold assumption's and declaring a neutral conversation hostile just because you agree with one persons option and not the other. Were all welcome to have our own option weather you agree with it or not.