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  1. i love webber mainly because i can just mass produce tents and hearts endlessly for all these noobs to keep the servers i join alive and kicking long after i leave
  2. i didn't include the responders name or my email cuz well its a little birdie but this should be creditable enough for you ( look in the screenshot above)
  3. the calico style chester plush will be returning to the store very soon...... if you dont believe me you wait and see
  4. iso white webber bugnet skin code from the dangling depth spider plushie v2.0 i have 50 dollars for it how ever you want it if you want a 50 dollar steam gift card code or skins of that value in the steam shop lmk i would prefer if we could maybe get a website dev to middleman the trade for both of our security if you want to do code for code lmk i want it soo very badly please reachout to me if you have a unused code i would just buy the plushie but its sold out unfortunately forgot to click notify me of replies so reply to this message maybe please
  5. so shouldn't i have a extra copy of the game if i was gifted the game then after that i bought a game bundle with that same game included in the bundle that i already own?
  6. ill give u 50 bucks for the white bugnet skin if u still have it or whatever skins that are worth 50 bucks lmk im dead serious i want it bad i also have all 4 funko pop skin codes unused
  7. i will trade any of the 4 funko pop skin codes (your choice) for the white dangling depth spider plushie white bugnet reskin code from the v2.0 plushie