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  1. I'll post the variables at the time of the crash: inst = 237347 - farm_plant_pumpkin (valid:false) currentstress = nil apply = true x, y, z = nil
  2. Hi there, there was a server crash when playing. scripts/prefabs/farm_plants.lua:176 in (upvalue) KillJoyStressTest (Lua) <174-177> bad argument #2 to 'FindEntities' (number expected, got nil)" (x, y, z are all nil in the stack trace) Cheers !
  3. So a thrown projectile that ends up further than 2 screens away will sleep until you get near enough?
  4. Hello everyone ! I had a question for all you mod experts out there if anyone has a moment ! I'm trying to send a projectile from one end of the map to follow a player. I wrote the code for this and it works fairly well except that I must enter a certain range from the point where the projectile is thrown for the projectile to start following my character. My question is: how does DST handle things off-screen? Is everything paused to save resources? Where can I find documentation or information about this? Thank you !