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  1. I noticed this was reported already, but just in case I will report the issue too. I'm unable to download my item collection, as well as it taking an oddly long time to log into Dont Starve Together too.
  2. Im having the same issue as well, not sure what to do about it
  3. Whenever I get a weekly drop skin it sends me a message in game telling me "we cant write a skins data file for some reason. Check your game file and your storage settings" ive never had an issue like this before, so im not sure if it is me or the game, but it did start right after the quality of life update so I might as well report it just in case.
  4. I tried rollbacking, disabling all mods, everything, but the world just wont start at all, I cant even rollback to the day before which is really odd
  5. Same crash happened to me, I equipped the winter's feast lantern and it crashed my game, I can no longer get into my world no matter what I do, it just wont start up
  6. Apparently using the "Fixer's Gloves" and the "Botanist's Waistcoat" together makes the character's arms vanish.
  7. I am on the normal branch of the game and when I place down the astral detector it does the animation but the light arrow wont show up to tell me what direction the pieces are Edit: did some testing and the astral detector arrow showed up on a new world, but not my old world that was before the update