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  1. I agree about the eyes, though I'll be honest. I was more focused on the fangs in-between the eyes. I didn't even notice that the main eyes didn't line up properly.
  2. Apologies, I've been looking everywhere for more giant crops, like garlic and onions, I only managed to learn this by just watching Glermz's playthrough.
  3. I'm such a huge fan of giant plants when they fully grow. But, I've notice something, most crops are giants, not all of them. So I was wondering if that's just temporary or intentional. I've been thinking it's just temporary, but I've been a little worried haha.
  4. That's a very valid thought. I can see why it would be obnoxious to place something and then switch to a different player and still gain the benefit of such a device. I feel like that's more of an issue with Celestial portal being very strong. One way you could make it work is that if the survivor is the only one who can activate the device. But, that still might add problems
  5. So, I've been wanting more characters like Winona, Wurt, and Warly. I absolutely love the idea of making an object that's sole purpose is to help multiple people. One reason why I really really like the Wendy rework was because of her sisturn.. even though it was a very minute thing added for her rework, but it helped everyone and if you liked to play by yourself it was still a thing that helped you. I'm actually hoping for a character that can craft devices that can do multiple things to help people, and the better you want it, the more expensive it gets. I know there are a lot of characters that can craft things, but I'm looking for a character that solely crafts and place objects. Maybe that's just me. What do you think? Rereading my fisherman post made me realize that I just really wanted a character that can craft around certain things
  6. Apologies, I should have specified that first portion a little bit more clearly. But, you do have an extremely good point about it just skipping fishing. He should absolutely have more benefits from actually fishing instead of netting. Someone suggested that they should gain sanity from catching something with a rod. Which would be cool, another person suggested that they would have a chance to catch trinkets as well. My original goal for the net is to make it as an emergency tool, yes it sounds awful just disabling a spot completely for about 4 or less days in order to have 5 to 6 fish instantly. It'd only be used in deeper waters, much more deeper waters where large fish meat lies. Using in near the shore wouldn't be "beneficial." That's what I imagine what the character would say, but I also suggested the ability that sailing would be easier as well, faster turning speeds, maybe just a ever so slight speed boost when they are at the sail. Just to make sailing more bearable for people who dislike it, personally I love it, but I can understand why people dislike it. A much better idea we could probably agree on is fish traps, like bunny traps, you can lay them out in the in deep water or shores, then when any aquatic creature swims by you capture it. It's like fish farms in SW. That's the first part I wanted to clarify. You do bring up a real good point about how it wouldn't work out yet since there isn't too activity in the water for this character to strive well, I'd figure it'd be an idea to throw out to the community, a character that likes to sail and fish. Maybe even use fish for more things than surf'n'turf or trading eels haha.
  7. I so, I might be the only one thinking this, but I would absolutely love a character that's solely based around fishing and sailing. Example being that they turn sails faster, boats themselves are faster, they have fishing nets that can catch all fish in an area, etc. I wanna talk about fishing nets, for the character I would absolutely love it if they could use fishing nets to capture all fish silhouettes instantly, but fish don't respond for like...Let's say four days. That seems fair. You get up to 7 fish instantly and you can combine them with ice to make meat balls to keep you satisfied. Maybe that's broken, I dunno. What do you all think?
  8. Warly when he see Wormwood's plants finally grow
  9. WarlyWood is what I'd do. Though not healing from food is a big hindrance, I think it makes up for it for being able to grow your own crops whenever you wish
  10. Yeeeahhhhhh. The title says it all haha, I think it would be amazing if we could have skins for Warly's portable crockpot. You know that clay pot crockpot skin? I would absolutely love it if we could also have that for the portable crockpot as well. If you have an idea for a crockpot skin what would it be?
  11. I'm curious about where Warly stands. He was the first character I've ever played as and I still love him. Then Wurt joined the cast and I've really only played as her. I decided to play Warly again and I've noticed something rather lackluster. That's his hunger, I'm probably just super rusty, but I've notice more of a punishment playing as him and dealing with his hunger than other characters besides Wes. On paper, that makes sense since he does have 250 hunger from the start along with a crockpot that you can move. But, I dunno, him not being able to eat regular cooked food or at least having a favorite food on top of him being less satisfied with the same food with a 20% faster hunger drain is big downer. Again, I'm probably playing him wrong, I have been getting rather unlucky with world spawns with him, I haven't been trying to eat the same foods, but I've unfortunately been stuck in bad situations where I'm needed to at least eat the same food. However, I absolutely do love his seasoning ability. That's the thing that drew me in to playing as Warly. Just the idea of being a support character for those who needs it and having more of a repertoire when it comes to cooking. Maybe I'm just bad with him, but I absolutely have no idea on where he stands. What do you all think?