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  1. Well, they are very interesting. It would be cool if you will post the anims :).
  2. here you go: scripts/cut_scenes.lua
  3. Man, this is terrible. But maybe this error is only for Linux users? No one would want to test it on themselves, so I'm just guessing.
  4. Hello, i am Custom ReForged developer. I came here to show you my mod called Custom ReForged, which adds bunch of new stuff to ReForged About The Mod Custom ReForged is a mod that completely changes ReForged. Characters perks are buffed, but at the same time enemies are stronger, than usual! The mod adds more than 10 custom wavesets, 3 custom difficulties, 2 custom presets, weapons, armors, hats and 3 new bosses, which are not so easy to defeat. Can you defeat all of Pugna's warriors or will you give up? The mod has roadmap, so the mod will not be abandoned! I'll leave a link to the mod below. If you want to help with development, then I will be glad. Working alone is very difficult. Link: