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  1. thanks We weren't used cheats to get best time, but thanks ~
  2. they used this script: -- Revert kleis attack canceling fix AddComponentPostInit("projectile", function(self, inst) self._ondelaycancel = function() --[[disabled]] end end) The one Chinese dude made the mod that allows you to attack much faster than intended. If Klei wanted to do, they would have made this fix long ago. anim cancelling is not an exploit or bug. It exists in many games, and is often even an intended gameplay mechanic to reward players who do things manually.
  3. The New Update for Beta called "Forgotten Knowledge Update!" brought so many new and cool content, but one bug fix embarrassed me: Fixed a bug allowing players to attack much faster than intended. I am not a big fan of survival, but this fix related to a mod called "ReForged". I am one of the speedrunners and this fix would crash our time like in the Forge 2018. This should reduce our time by half because you won't click at all. I attach a video, where I enabled the Chinese client mod to show you how fast attack speed is. I just could wish, that Klei will NOT bring this bug fix in the standard DST. 2020-10-21_02-23-09.mp4 2020-10-21_03-20-49.mp4