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  1. I see. Well that is sort of disappointing(but understandable) cause it doesn't really add to the game but segregates it. It does at least pose some new interesting challenges though. Anyway I wish one day we can have processors that can handle 100 of these big colonies no sweat. What a glorious day it will be. No lag 1000fps Oxygen not included.
  2. I am just wondering if it is even possible with our current machines which can barely handle a large colony on a single asteroid to have multiple colonies on multiple asteroids. I have an i7 6700K which sort of struggles with really large colonies so how will it support multiple colonies possibly big ones. How much of a beefy processor will the dlc need? Is it even possible with our current tech to play the DLC? Sorry but I just don't see how we will be able to fit so many added calculations with out current processors limit.