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  1. I see. Well that is sort of disappointing(but understandable) cause it doesn't really add to the game but segregates it. It does at least pose some new interesting challenges though. Anyway I wish one day we can have processors that can handle 100 of these big colonies no sweat. What a glorious day it will be. No lag 1000fps Oxygen not included.
  2. I am just wondering if it is even possible with our current machines which can barely handle a large colony on a single asteroid to have multiple colonies on multiple asteroids. I have an i7 6700K which sort of struggles with really large colonies so how will it support multiple colonies possibly big ones. How much of a beefy processor will the dlc need? Is it even possible with our current tech to play the DLC? Sorry but I just don't see how we will be able to fit so many added calculations with out current processors limit.
  3. Thank you @mathmanican @SamLogan @Gurgel @Vadir for all the help and explanation and build suggestions. Especially my thank goes to mathmanican for taking the time to explain things and have patience with me through my barrage of questions. And finally my gratitude goes @bobe17. I practically copied his build. When I saw his build I noticed that 1 bypass pump was enough to push the oxygen in a separate room with 95% uptime (Don't know how he got more than 99% though) while I was using 2 per electrolyser which took way too much space. This made the build much smaller for a single electrolyser and I also found that it was also very easy to stack the units vertically. So this is the design I am currently using. I tested it for a decent amount of time and with 40000Kgs of Water got around 95% uptime. For 40000kgs of Water I ended up with 35495.6kgs of Oxygen and 4477.2 kgs of Hydrogen totaling to 39972.8Kgs. So around a loss of 0.068% which I am fine with. I can finally go back to playing the game with this lol. I will post the build once I complete it with some adjustments.
  4. Interesting this also uses the natural flow of water which is updated by the game every tick. So will the bypass happen every other tick with this setup as well? Or will it not because it is a vertical fall rather than horizontal movement? @mathmanican Also what is the flow per second on the valve? Will 1kg work or less? Also I am confused regarding how the gas seperation works in this case. Is there any gas deletion? Is this even a bypass setup cause it feels it uses just water. Am I stupid?(Don't answer I already know that one).@SamLogan
  5. @mathmanicanSo what is the minimum flow required for the valve to efficiently do the bypass every 2 ticks and use the water pump for the least amount of time. I know you have an article about horizontal tile flow but can you just please tell me ? And also I know flooding Electrolysers will be simpler but I am in too much love with your bypass pumps. Mathmanican did link me to a similar design posted.by nakomaru and yeah as you said it is a little cheesy. So I am trying to find something that can work with bypass pumps.
  6. I don't have access to space yet and I also want to use the oxygen. But it looks like a nice setup that I will try to use late game for some extra hydrogen.
  7. @mathmanican Can you please explain to me how your advanced bypass pump work. I don't get why it is working every 2 tics rather than 5. Also i don't get the gas movement in the setup. How does it push the gas up? Sorry for the trouble but I like to understand what I am working with. Also I seem to get that for some reason having the layer of hydrogen above the upper-left tile of electrolyser causes the hydrogen to escape safely and quickly to the upper layer without chance for deletion while if it is surrounding by lots of relatively high pressure oxygen in a small space the oxygen generated by the electrolyser eventually bully the tiny hydrogen around until deletion. Is that right?
  8. Much Much thank you for the help. I couldn't recall the actual name for those pumps and called them bead pumps. My bad . I will look into your article (so much work done by you ) and try your tips right now. Much appreciated fellow dupe with 99 points in science. Also I have known some legends and faint rumours like tricking electrolysers with low pressure liquids. I fear no man but that thing(electrolysers with low pressure liquid setups), it scares me. Once again, thank you for your help.
  9. Hello Everyone, I am new to these forums I know I am kinda late to the game so I don't know if people still frequent the forums but I need help with electrolysers. I am around 600 cycles in and I have abundant water and geysers in my map and I was thinking to use electrolysers to generate a lot of hydrogen for power or fuel for rockets eventually as well as oxygen for my base. But with the setup I have I am losing a lot of Hydrogen and some Oxygen. So can you guys please help out whats the cause of this and can I fix it with some changes. Also my electrolysers only run at around 70% uptime so if any improvement is possible there that will be nice too. Better des igns are always appreciated. So if you see my uploaded images I am trying to run 4 electrolysers with a bead pump setup to constantly keep the central room at low pressure(or at least trying to). There are 4 bead pumps for the oxygen room and 2 for the hydrogen. The flow at each valve is set to 0.1g/s. The hydrogen is collected at the top and oxygen at the bottom. Both room sizes are 51 tiles. Now after running with 4000Kgs of Water I am left with 5.4kg per tile of hydrogen meaning a total (5.4*51 = 275.4kg) and 66Kg per tile of Oxygen (66*51 = 3366kg total). The ideal amounts for 4000kg of Water are 448Kg of Hydrogen and 3552kg of Oxygen. So yeah I am losing a lot of Hydrogen and was hoping some help to Increase its efficiency. Thanks in advance for taking the time to look into it.