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  1. Even though its so very unlikely wagstaff will be added. I can still hope...
  2. So recently it looks like Klei has making a lot of gorge skins for characters who weren't around for the event. So this is entirely speculation but maybe we could get some new Forge Skins in the future. Although this may be unlikely due to the forge having basically nothing to do with recent updates, the gorge skins were understandable with the new farming update that came out. But I don't see any reason why they would add any new forge skins other than to finish off the set. It would also probably look sick to see the new characters in warrior/gladiator outfits.
  3. I'm very concerned if this implies the PC version will also be getting bug fixes, it's amazing that the console ports are getting some love but the pc version still has many issues as well, granted probably not as many as console does.
  4. All this sounds truly spectacular, up to 3 Character Refreshes to a new DLC Character. This year is already lookin up to be one of the best years to play Don't Starve Together. Please refresh Maxwell though that is all I ask.