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  1. Hey! Hope yall had a nice Halloween! Here's a little Maxwell concept I came up with. I imagined this as a kind of pseudo refresh. Maxwell has really taken on and harnessed the powers of the shadows to allow him to take on a new form, the Ancient Shadow King! It doesn't last too long, and the number of resources needed are a bit hefty, but this form is very powerful for the duration it's active. NOT SO FRAIL ANYMORE!
  2. These were some quick paintings I did earlier in the year. Around the time I was trying to establish a painting style for myself... I should definitely redraw them soon. Anyway, Wendy and Abigail's lil animatic really made my heart ache, but it was beautiful.
  3. thankies!!!! it happens! thank you for taking the time to give it a look :3
  4. This was drawn last year but I still like it. I remember Klei retweeting it on Twitter, too!
  5. The lunar shenanigans make me so happy. I love the lunar stuff of DST, so I drew a pseudo skin for my main, Willow. I did this a while ago prior to this newest beta. I actually drew the pseudo skin after the first Return of Them update, but redesigned it last month, I think?
  6. Hey wassup! I'm Venus! How are yall? I thought I'd make a thread of occasional art I'll do and art I have done, so be on the lookout for occasional doodles or drawings! I love Don't Starve so much, you have no idea... Anyway, replies are appreciated! I only ask that you: -Do not repost my art anywhere else online without my permission. It doesn't matter if you give cred or not, I don't want it anywhere else. -Do not give unsolicited criticism. I'm having fun. If I want it, I'll ask for it. So! That being said, I'll start off this little thread with some doodles of Wilson I've done a couple of months ago! Have a nice day!