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  1. sorry for the late response but! thank you!! :>
  2. Long time no see! Here's a Triumphant Wilson for yall! :3
  3. to have two of my most fav games merged into one big event?!?! dream come true, i will NEVER stop thinking about this.....
  4. thanks! surprisingly, wilsons hair translates well in the maxis hair style!
  5. Hi! SO, yes. I made Wilson's hair for The Sims 4. This counts as art right? It is from scratch after all... (Blender screenshots) (In game screenshots) Anyway, this took about half a day to model + texture. I was really hyperfocused LOL It's still a WIP so no download link just yet. I still need to fix the mesh a little bit more and make the other hair colors + custom colors. I was going to do hat chops but we'll see about that. Realistically, he wouldn't need them because he hates having his hair messed up!
  6. thank you : > it was a bit difficult looking for 1920's futurism in general. a lot of it is really scarce and hard to come by!
  7. Otay, I think I'm ready to talk about this thing. So here goes. Let me introduce you to an arc I made for Don't Starve. It's called Black Moon Sovereignty. The night grows quiet and Charlie is plotting how she can acquire the 'moon's' knowledge. She takes a trip to the Ancient Archive in search of more answers. (This is canon, no?) Here, she reads the ancient text in hopes of finding what she's looking for. She stumbles upon the text stating the forthcoming of a certain presence. It reads: “Should an imbalance of powers arise, Alter will summon a stand to oppose the dark. Moonlight. Let the blackness wane as their manifestation sets foot in the world… From under the wing of Alter comes equity.” Charlie knows exactly who this is and sets her plan in motion. Her plan? Capture Wayne and acquire the knowledge through them. Charlie sends out her strongest shadow forces in an attempt to apprehend Wayne. Wayne and friends try their best to fend off the shadows, but the shadows are too strong and Wayne is subsequently captured. In Charlie's captivity, she interrogates, but when Wayne doesn't comply, Charlie decides to turn Wayne over to the shadows. She changes Wayne in her image. (Concept art below. : P) Surely this would work, right? For a moment, but... This backfires and Wayne proves to be more powerful in this new form. The tables turn and Charlie gets ejected into the constant, much like Maxwell did. With Wayne now in control, she uses both shadow and moon powers to turn the constant into her own crystalline utopia. So, with Charlie in the constant, she stumbles upon the survivors. You can imagine Maxwell's and Winona's delight. Suddenly, the survivors experience the constant changing before their eyes. Moon glass, black moon glass, strange creatures, and an inconsistent moon cycle are only to name some of the many strange things that happen. The mix of light and dark eventually cause the constant to fall apart, and the survivors need to save Wayne from, well, herself. So! That's the jist of it. It's a bit emotional in of itself in terms of the survivors losing a friend, Winona having her sister back, Maxwell making up for what he did to Charlie, and the rescue and retrieval of Wayne from the NOW Brightmare Throne. In the picture, you can see a variant of Alter. I wanted her to change Alter and make it all her own. She tends to boast about how she's above Alter and all that, getting all philosophical in her dialogue. I took inspiration for this arc mainly from the 1920's movie Metropolis and 1978's The Wiz! I figured since Wayne is essentially a space entity, futurism would be a heavy theme. 1920's standard futurism, that is. Other major influences include The Cave of the Past from Earthbound and The Cave of the Future from Mother 2. I appreciate how crystal like and pretty but unsettling those areas are, especially The Cave of the Past. This crystalline utopia is anything but a utopia. It's dreamy, it's surreal, it's frighteningly beautiful, and I want to eventually dive into the elements of the constant in this arc. ANYWAY! That's about it! Hope you enjoy! (。・・。)
  8. ohhh, i love the colors on that wormwood one! really adds to the melancholy mood its ok wormwood : (
  9. thank you! :> also the heart eyes wayne is an emote i made for my personal discord server! thank you so much!!
  10. So, I don't think I can make a new topic in this thread, and that's fine! Well, anyway, here they are! This is my Don't Starve oc, Wayne! They use they/she pronouns. (I use both alternatively :3) This is a first draft of their reference, and I will make a new one very soon! Possibly redesign their outfit and such. Since I draw them so much, their design elements have changed a bit. Their stats are to be determined in final, but I have placeholders, and they are: 150 Health 150 Hunger 200 Sanity So, I'll start off with their origin story. Keep in mind, this is subject to change, since DST is constantly updating. I've also used canon + speculation to really put Wayne's story together here. :') Their story goes like this: Balance within the Constant is beginning to reach a tipping point, and the 'moon' has sent a sentry to help keep the balance of light and dark in order: Wayne. Wayne is a manifestation of a part of the moon, essentially a gestalt but personified, who is an underling of Alter. They are also a philosopher of the universe and stars, and their dialogue often gets very philosophical and alludes to the universe. Anyway, their task is to watch over the Constant and prevent those imbalances of power. Equipped with their very own Celestial tab, they're ready to defend against Charlie's shadow forces and help keep peace in the Constant. That, and make a lot of friends, too! They're really friendly! Wayne's forthcoming can be read in the ancient texts in the Ancient Archive. As it says, Wayne has a celestial tab! This includes items such as Celestial Armor, a Celestial Sword, sanity restoring items, etc. Wayne is able to fashion these things together with Lune Tree Blossoms, which are the main components of these items. Naturally, a lot of the more valuable items require more valuable ingredients besides Lune Tree Blossoms. :') Since Wayne is a personified gestalt, shadows are their natural enemies. Therefore, Wayne takes way more damage from shadows specifically. Additionally, their sanity dips a bit quicker around shadows than other characters. When they're in areas where the enlightenment mechanic is active, their third eye opens. Their main two eyes close. Take it as you will, but I like to think this is when she begins to "communicate" with Alter heehee. Gestalts do not attack her, cause, I mean, YOU KNOW. During full moon nights, she becomes the strongest. All her eyes are open. I don't know if I want it to where she's impervious to shadow attacks or her sanity doesn't dip or what, but I'm working on it!! Just know she's stronger since the moon amplifies her power. It's the opposite on new moon nights. They are very weak and shadows hit harder, so Celestial Armor is a virtue should they come into contact with any shadow entities during these nights. Again, I'm working on these mechanics and they're also subject to change Anyway! This is about all I have on the basics of my oc! I created them during a bit of a bad mental time and drawing them and just diving into self indulgence with them helped me a lot! She helps me cope and I adore her so much... ANYWAY! Thank you for reading! I hope you like them ahuuhuu. (。・・。)
  11. Triumphant Wes! Probably one of my favorite triumphant designs :>
  12. I might make a new topic in this thread in regards to original stuff, hmm.
  13. thank you!! i hope to talk abt it very soon!! :3