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  1. I'm no expert, but the file referred to in the Assert "subworlds/barren/LargeChasmStart" seems to be part of the DLC and not vanilla. So it looks like something went wrong when your game got updated and some DLC stuff got mixed in. If you have cleared the whole ONI folder and it works now, I don't think you will ever see the issue again. There were many updates recently, both on vanilla and on DLC, so if you didn't play for a while your game may have updated the files in a mixed order. Also, happy new year
  2. This is not a bug. The button just indicates what it will do when you click on it. Up at the top of the box, the Status: line indicates the current setting of the sink. I know this is weird, but it is consistent with button use in other parts of the game.
  3. I wanted to have a look as I found the issue interesting. But you are not on the live branch, you are on preview, aka. DLC Spaced Out. Probably not a problem, I just wanted to mention it for others that want to give it a try
  4. I see the same. It is very inconvenient when stress testing a new design. My critter-to-meat converter kept spewing water everywhere, but only in ctrl+U ultrafast. It affects at least Buffers, Filters and Timers. I did not test Clocks.
  5. That would indeed be nice! You're not the first to wish for that: That was in the common forum, so maybe the devs have not seen it there. If they add a warning, that would already help. But it would be nice to see an indication on tame critters like on plants that don't have their growth conditions met. And perhaps a "Freezing/Hot" indication in the status box of the critter. By the way, your stable is too large to count as a ranch, but that is not the reason why you didn't get a warning.
  6. Its body temperature is 12.7, it needs at least 15. It's just freezing to death Edit: Eh, I looked at the air temperature in the tile it occupies. The actual drako is exactly 15 degrees. So I guess it get's below 15 a few seconds after the game is loaded.
  7. Not sure if you noticed, the number is in grams, not kilograms. You are basically looking at 5kg of dirt there , not 5 tons
  8. I loaded your save file and was able to move around without any problems. Any directions works for me. Perhaps you have accidentally reconfigured the keys used?