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  1. I checked again and ice doesn't seem to be melting in Ice Chester so it probably works as a fridge. Though thermal stone doesn't cool properly or at all in Ice Chester. This time it didn't go beyond lukewarm no matter what I tried.
  2. I used the thermal stone like I have before and a couple of times I even let it sit inside Chester longer to be sure. For example when the character examines the stone they'll confirm it's at most moderately cold.
  3. Ever since I transported myself, Ice Chester and Glommer using the Telelocator staff Ice Chester hasn't been working properly. At first things with finite durability stored inside Ice Chester were greyed out. Later they had normal colors again but I noticed that a thermal stone inside Ice Chester either stays at a neutral temperature or at most gets moderately cold. I'm assuming spoiling things don't spoil slower either anymore. client_log.txt DxDiag.txt