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  1. Didn't expect my favorite Luminari to be a drone master! Daughters of the rebellion. Shared power. (Alternative title Rook Hates Snuggling.) Aaaand it looks like all I've been doing for the past two weeks is just silly comics lol.
  2. Payback time for school bullying and a certain forged letter. "You'll have plenty of time to talk about it in the holding cell!" The best smelling Baron.
  3. "Maybe it doesn't have to be that way." (encounter smith_meets_sal)
  4. "Do not talk to me or my Rentorian friend ever again."
  5. Keep your Oshnu (or Kra'deshi) friend wet and happy.
  6. A few drawings from weeks ago that I'm still proud of.
  7. I like bleed cards. Spoiler-tagging it because there's a little blood.
  8. Get yourself a pet flead today! They are very loyal, and tasty too!
  9. That one grumpy looking bandit lady whose name I kept forgetting.
  10. 'Well if it isn't everyone's favorite bounty hunter!'
  11. (Sorry for quoting an old post but-) Turns out people do call him that.
  12. Can we just appreciate how Rook treated his automech like a pet, like, literally. (The automech is from an encounter event, you can get him to follow you. He also heals himself during sleep, hrm.)